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There’s a funny little Yoda head that keeps appearing around our house. It’s teeny (not much bigger than a baked bean) and I find it in the most random of places, just when I’m least expecting it. No one will admit to moving it around though… I guess it must move by magic?

Anyway, I thought I would write a poem about it:

Ode(a) to Yoda


Here’s a silly ode a-

Bout little head of Yoda

Who randomly arrives

To amuse and surprise

On a chair or by the bed,

Or on a stair (the topmost tread)


Maybe sneaked behind a door

Or abandoned on the floor,

Perhaps it’s on a window ledge

Or on a table near the edge,

Or it could be by the sink

I just don’t know what to think…


You see, I never really know

Where this Yoda head will go;

“Did you move it boys?” I say

But my kids declare “No way!”

“But you must’ve, don’t you see?

Because I know it wasn’t me!”


Then I realise, oh, OF COURSE!

Yoda’s moving with THE FORCE.


I’ve had a whole month without taking part in any linkies (so I could get some creative writing done) so I’m excited to be linking with Prose for Thought today – I really missed it! My poem is not a remotely sensible contribution to the poetic pile of course, but hey.

For more poetry and prose check out #Prose4T  over at Verily Victoria Vocalises – I’m off to have a read now!

Prose for Thought

11 thoughts on “yoda ode(a)

  1. Emily Page

    Love this Maddy! There is something a bit sinister about little toys like this isn’t there and abandoned toys in general. I adore your poem’s conclusion though. Really made me giggle. Nice antidote to my contribution! ;)

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Emily, you’re right and there’s something particularly sinister about a disembodied head! Glad it made you laugh though. xx

  2. Jenny

    This is fantastic Maddy. Love it and the end was perfect. You always write such great poetry with imagery I love it. Pesky toys getting lost or MOVED! lol #prose4t

  3. Maddy Post author

    Even worse are the ones that spring to life just when you’re least expecting it – we have a buzz lightyear toy that starts shouting ‘is anyone out there?’ when it’s left alone! Thanks Jenny xx

  4. Rachael

    Love this! I have come to your post belatedly via a BritMums round-up (I also blog at motheringmushroom.co.uk) and the last line – although not completely unexpected still made me laugh out loud!

    I love the name of your blog too – Bubble is one of my favourite words. Actually, it might be THE favourite.

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Rachel! bubble is a lovely word isn’t it?! Feels nice to say (am now sittnig here saying ‘bubble’ repeatedly like some kind of weirdo!) Thanks for commenting x


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