writer’s block


Writer’s block


Wandering through words

and stumbling over syntax

I trudge the wreckage

of my city of stories.


Phrases are tumbleweed,

lost consonants toppling

abandoned vowels.

Sibilants soft in the air.


Grasping a few ideas I

cement them with reluctant words

and haltingly assemble

a new metropolis.


Then, stepping back

looking for glittering skyline

I sigh…

and head for dynamite.


Linking up with #Prose4T over at Verily Victoria Vocalises. Now off to attempt another rebuild…

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14 thoughts on “writer’s block

  1. Hurrah For Gin

    This is fab — esp if you have writers block!
    I find that unless the words flow when i sit down to write, that what i am writing won’t work. It kind of has to write itself iyswim.

  2. Maddy Post author

    Thank you. And I know what you mean about it writing itself. Maybe I need to approach my ‘city’ from another angle… take it by surprise or something. hmmm.

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Cathie. I was trying to write a story – that was where the writer’s block came in, then I thought I may as well channel the frustration into a poem!

  3. Maddy Post author

    Thanks Helen – yes, it made me feel like I was getting something out of the situation, even if it wasn’t what I really intended!

  4. David / Oddly active

    Oh, the pain, the pain as a certain very camp doctor used to say on Lost in Space… I know that place only too well – am, in fact, reluctantly holidaying there right now. Having made up my mind to write ‘properly’ and consistently rather than just blogging and social networking I find that my mind has different ideas and is taking not a blind bit of notice of me. :(

    On the plus side, you have a good poem to show for your block, so well done. I just have a headache and a negative psychological reinforcer for all of my pre-existing writers’ angst! :-)

  5. Maddy Post author

    Sorry to hear that David! As you know, you are not alone though! Perhaps try channeling the angst into something else creative… ummm… how are you at basket weaving? Or treehouse building? Or something…

    Thanks for commenting and i hope you ‘unblock’ soon (sounds dodgy. I’m going to quit while I’m ahead here!)


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