a wonderful weekend


Some of my wonderful #WhatImWriting friends.

You know the sort of weekend that’s so good that regardless what Monday throws at you, you keep smiling all day long? I’ve just had one of those. And I don’t mean just smiling a little bit either, I mean like, huge cheshire cat grins often accompanied by little chuckles at random moments and even the odd guffaw (when passers-by least expect it). Oh yes, I’m talking a properly stonking good weekend.

It began with a plan of military precision involving leaving my eldest son with my husband up in Northumberland on Friday and my younger two with my parents in Yorkshire on Saturday and then leaping on a train all by myself (that is BY MYSELF, alone, no kids, on a train, on my own and did I say I was by myself?) and going down to London. I got there at 12.56 (a not entirely pointless detail) and immediately went to meet up with some of my wonderful #WhatImWriting gang.

And what a meet up it was! There were eight of us. We met for lunch. Lunch went on for eight hours. It was awesome: I can honestly say these women are soul food to me – proper, hearty, ‘eat as much as you like and you wont ever get sick because it’s too tasty’ soul-food. They are all intelligent and creative and strong and brave and brilliant and beautiful and being in their company made my spirits soar.

It also made me *rather* drunk. Oh yes. The sort of drunk where you text your husband from the loo to tell him how much you love him and how much you love everyone and then you realise later that what you sent looks more like ‘I higglibley fulsip ve’ than the message you were really aiming for but never mind because he knew what you meant. The best kind of drunk, then.

Anyway, we well and truly put the world to rights and then just to top it off, straight afterwards I went out for a meal with one of my friends from my university days who I don’t get to see nearly often enough. And he came and met me where we were having our epic lunch (The Parcel Yard at Kings Cross – this isn’t remotely a sponsored post but we had such a good time there, they deserve a mention) which somehow made it even more lovely because it was like a bit of my history (18 years of friendship and counting) intersecting with a much more recent part of my life. Not quite sure why that felt so lovely but it did.

And, AND just to top it off even more than it was already topped off, the next day I had brunch/lunch with one of my very oldest, bestest friends (39 years of friendship and counting – we met before I was born… ) by the end of which my spirits were in the stratosphere and my heart was bursting all over the place with love.

I then caught the 12.56 train (see – I like a bit of symmetry) back to Yorkshire, picked up my younger two boys (who’d had a brilliant time with my parents) and drove back home to Northumberland in time to babble joyfully and semi-coherently at my husband, find out that his time with our eldest boy was ‘pure joy’ (I shed a little tear at that description) and then collapse into bed to dream of… well, we decided that what happens in The Parcel Yard stays in The Parcel Yard so I couldn’t possibly divulge any more…


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23 thoughts on “a wonderful weekend

  1. AmyLovestoSew

    Oh I feel ‘filled up’ just reading this! Doesn’t it do you good to do something just for you; surrounded by people who nourish you, doing stuff that brings you joy – good for the soul! And makes you a better wife/mother/all round person as a result…hmmm, think I need a wowzer of a weekend (or even a day!) – you’ve left me inspired x

  2. Chilli Regina

    It sounds like fun and a great get-away from every day as a mom and wife:). I haven’t done it in a long, long time, so I’m a bit jelous:). If my life happens to bring me in London by any chance, I would love to mett you and chat in person:)). x

  3. Nicola Young

    Wow, you really do pack it all in when you come to London don’t you? Didn’t you have a hangover? lucky thing! I was so tired at the end of Saturday – so much hanging around that I was bored of being bored. I did do quite a bit of writing though (at least that’s something).
    Nicola Young recently posted…Reflecting on my fortieth yearMy Profile

    1. Maddy Post author

      I really did have a hangover yes (thought I’d gloss over that bit)! Worth it though! Sorry you couldn’t come and had to spend the day hanging around. Glad you got some writing done though – that is something! Hopefully see you in York in the spring. xxx
      Maddy recently posted…What I’m Writing – Week ninety-nineMy Profile

  4. Dana

    I just love this happy description of your fantastic day! An 8 hour lunch with writing ladies sounds dreamy. Love that your boys did well too. One of these days I’ll have to cross the pond and meet you all in person. My best friend from college is living in London and is very pregnant, so the chances are decent that I’ll end up over there one of these days, or more likely, years :)
    Dana recently posted…Going to WorkMy Profile


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