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I’ve been tagged by Chrissie in this lovely meme about happiness. Right now I’m sitting on the sofa drinking a beer as the sun sets so it seems a good time to answer the questions:

Who makes you happy?

  • My husband. We’ve been together for twenty years come this December. Twenty years! We were teenage sweethearts. We met at school and have been together ever since. I wouldn’t call our relationship a fairy-tale but it’s fair to say I’d be lost without him. He’s my rock and he really makes me laugh. Plus of course he’s the father of:
  • My children. My three boys. There’s no one I love more. They’re a brilliant mixture of personalities – my seven-year-old is so sensitive and empathic, my five-year-old is hilarious, and the baby (he’s 18 months old but will always be a baby to me) is so laid-back and cute. Plus he can sing which is cool. Yes, they drive me mad, but the madness:happiness ratio is definitely in the right direction.
  • My family – parents, brothers, grandparents, wider family. They’re a lovely bunch and I’m sure the childhood they provided me with is the bedrock of the happiness I have now.
  • My friends. I’m definitely a ‘quality not quantity’ person but am lucky enough to have made some wonderful friends over the years, ones I truly love. My two oldest friends I’ve known since birth/toddlerhood and are more like sisters to me. Since having my first son I’ve made some lifelong friends and I shudder to think how I would have coped through the early years of motherhood without them!

What makes you happy?

  • Writing. It’s my escape, my ‘me time’, my opportunity to imagine and explore whole other lives and worlds. I love it.
  • Reading. It’s a combination of escapism and connection.
  • Good TV. I’ve got a bit of a thing for ‘Nordic Noir’ (especially The Bridge), my husband and I are currently working our way through box sets of Breaking Bad and I love sci fi. I have a special place in my heart for Star Trek TNG which I grew up with. Come to think of it, bad telly also makes me happy – bad films too: ‘Sharknado’ anyone?
  • Listening to Nat King Cole. The man had a voice like Christmas. Just hearing the opening bars of ‘Unforgettable’ makes me feel I’m sitting in an armchair before a roaring log fire, drinking mulled wine while snow falls softly outside. Which are, incidentally, also things that make me happy.
  • Sleep. I’m a parent. ’nuff said.

Where makes you happy?

  • A little village in the Swiss Alps called Wengen. The mountain range that surrounds it is stunningly beautiful. I first went there aged eight and have been back there six or seven times since. I haven’t been for six years and am desperate to go again! My Grandfather is Swiss so I always feel the mountains are calling to me (if that doesn’t sound too hopelessly romantic… which it does.)
  • Wide, open spaces. As in, the natural world. I live on the side of a hill in Northumberland. It’s not exactly the centre of civilisation and it’s not for everyone but it works for me. When I get stressed I only have to look out of the window at the fields and the trees (and the sheep) to feel things getting back into perspective.
  • My home. I’m a total homebody. It’s where my husband and kids are and my books and my computer, my music, telly and stash of sweets. Home is where my heart and my happiness lie.

I’m tagging fellow-writer Morgan at Shaking away the Cobwebs. Looking forward to reading your post Morgan!

9 thoughts on “what makes you happy?

  1. Morgan Prince

    This is a really great post Maddy! Love learning more about you, we have a few things in common. Oh yes, and thank you for tagging me. I’m looking forward to writing this post. :)


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