what I’m writing – week three

typewriter butterflies badgeWelcome to week three of ‘What I’m Writing’! Week THREE! It seems like only five minutes since my Co-host Chrissie and I were nervously approaching our launch day and wondering who – if anyone – would link up. But it’s safe to say we’ve been thrilled with the response – we’ve had lots of writers sharing all sorts about their writing highs and lows. It’s been fascinating, and the comments sections of the posts have been alive with support and insights. Thank you everyone!

So, what is our linky about? You can find all the details here but the short version is we’re both writers who love blogging about our writing processes and reading about those of others. Our linky is for all you fellow writers, poets, bloggers etc. out there to share posts about what you’re writing (and all your hopes and fears, triumphs and tears) with a group of people who understand what you’re going through.

We’d love you to join in and there are just a few rules and suggestions:

  • Link up any post (old or new) that is to do with writing/blogging etc. 
  • Please either use our badge on the post (copy and paste the HTML code below) or link to whichever one of our blogs is hosting that week. We will share your post on Twitter in return.
  • Read and comment on as many other posts in the linky as you can. We know time is limited but linkys work best with a supportive community and that’s what What I’m Writing is all about :)
  • If you’d like to tweet your post feel free to use the hashtag #WhatImWriting. If you tweet us a link to your post @writingbubble or @rantybeast then we will RT.

That’s all – please link up below! I look forward to reading your posts (I’ll be linking up too)!

See you over at Muddled Manuscript for next week’s What I’m Writing x

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6 thoughts on “what I’m writing – week three

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  3. Aimee

    Good Luck Maddy!

    I love this linky – I promise tomorrow I am going to go through and comment and not just read those who entered! I was a little overwhelmed with how great everyone is x

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Aimee! I’m overwhelmed too (‘hang on, these are proper writers! Not like little me… ‘) You are published and everything though so obviously part of the ‘great’ crew! Thanks for linking xx


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