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typewriter butterflies badge new‘What I’m Writing’ is a linky for all you writers, poets and bloggers out there.

Regular readers will know that I love writing. I also love writing about writing and this blog is full of posts about writing challenges I’ve set myself, my aspirations, self-doubts, successes and knock-backs. If it’s about writing and I’m thinking it, then it’s usually here.

I also love reading about other people’s writing, whether it’s to feel inspired by their success or to read about their doubts and moments of writer’s block and think, ‘Phew, it’s not just me!’ And I like to be a supportive commenter, in fact that’s one of the most important things about blogging to me – the community.

I know I am not alone in any of this – pondering and procrastinating seem to be part of being a writer!

So with all of this in mind, I decided to start a ‘What I’m Writing’ linky to share all these sorts of posts. I originally set up the linky with Chrissie from Muddled Manuscript and since it began, in September 2014, it has flourished into a community of wonderful writers and bloggers who support each other, cheer each other on and generally help us all feel we are not alone. It’s been like having a weekly catch up with friends – I love it!

The linky now just runs on this blog (though Chrissie still links up when she can) and continues to welcome linkers old and new! So, whether you’re a published writer or just nervously putting pen to paper for the first time (or anything in between), and whatever it is you’re working on whether it’s novels, short stories, poetry, scriptwriting or blog posts… I’d love to read about it.

The linky goes live every Tuesday at 7am BST and stays open till 7am Friday morning so you have three full days to link up.

I’ve also set up a Facebook group which is open to all linkers. It’s somewhere we can chat during the week and share our work for feedback privately. It’s a ‘secret group’ so I can’t link to it here but I send out invitations to everyone who links up. Of course you don’t have to join the group but if you’d like to and your invite doesn’t appear (some of them seemed to go AWOL when I sent a batch out recently) please let me know!

I’d love you to join in and there are just a couple of rules/gentle nudges:

    • Pop over to this blog between Tuesday and Friday Morning and link up any post (old or new) that is to do with writing/blogging etc.
    • Please either use my badge on the post (copy and paste the HTML code below) or link to my blog. I will share your post on Twitter in return.
    • Read and comment on as many other posts in the linky as you can. I know time is limited but linkys work best with a supportive community and that’s what What I’m Writing is all about :)
    • If you’d like to tweet your post please use the hashtag #WhatImWriting. If you tweet me a link to your post @writingbubble then I will RT.

That’s it. See you on Tuesday!

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