what i’m writing – february round-up

Another month has gone by and as I sit down to do the ‘What I’m Writing’ Roundup I feel a bit overwhelmed! We had more linkers than ever before and a fabulous range of posts – nearly fifty of them!
typewriter butterflies round up

This time, in an attempt to summarise the sorts of things we’ve been discussing, sharing and experiencing I’ve decided to create categories underneath which I’ll list some of the posts. I’m hoping that this makes it slightly easier for me to summarise things, and easier for you to read too. If it works I might use the same format next time. Here goes:

Progress and Success

  • Iona at Red Peffer was feeling inspired and had been practising her drawing skills alongside her writing – she’d even created her own mythical beast!
  • Morgan at Morgans Millieu was feeling confident about her blogging how far she had come with it – hooray!
  • Over at Velvet Morning Press Adria was pleased to announce the launch of a new book –  That’s Paris.
  • Aimee Horton had the most exciting news of all though – a publishing deal for her Dottie books!

Procrastination and Frustration

  • At Mum Turned Mom Sara’s creative writing had stalled (although she kick-started it again with a writing exercise :) )
  • Meanwhile At Virtually all sorts Carol shared some time wasting zen.
  • Aimee was feeling the pressure and the self-doubt.
  • I’d had a couple of bad weeks in which my writing had stalled… although I’d kept it to myself at the time!

Motivation and Inspiration

  • Morgan shared who inspired her as a writer (and our linky was up there in esteemed company!)
  • Carol had a great idea for thinking (and writing) positive.
  • Nicola at Nikki Young Writes shared some creative writing exercises she’d found – many of us tried them out of the following weeks – thanks so much Nikki!
  • Reneé at Mummy Tries inspired us all with her advice on releasing ourselves from the pressure we put ourselves under.

Writing Process

  • Over at 38 – 39, Antonia Chitty shared a fascinating experimental writing style.
  • Sophie at Sophie Is… shared her editing essentials (oh, that coffee machine… ).
  • Dana at Writing At The Table talked about playing it safe and her urge to protect her characters from harm.
  • At Muddled manuscript, Chrissie was discussing ‘business talk’ (erk) and how it relates to writing.
  • Reneé reminded us that self-publishing was just the beginning of the journey.

Writing Tips

  • Nicola shared useful information on story structure.
  • Emily Organ had tips on how to get the setting right in your story.
  • Emily also shared ‘Seven things blogging taught me about writing’.


  • At Those Words She Wrote, Lexie wondered about the bravery of sharing on a blog.
  • Antonia introduced a project that got us thinking about blogging and a sense of self.
  • Iona pondered the lost art of communication.
  • Sophie considered the juggling act that is being a writing mother!


  • Bronwyn Marcus shared a hilarious discovery at a second hand bookshop.
  • My quiz ‘What sort of writer are you?‘ should help you out if you’ve ever wondered if food has a relationship with writing style. ;)
  • Chrissie showed us the inner workings of her brain.

And there you have it! Thanks so much to everyone who joined in!

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