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typewriter butterflies badge new‘What I’m Writing’ is a friendly community for all you writers and poets out there.

It started life as a linky for sharing posts about the hopes, fears, triumphs and tears of the writing life, but quickly grew into something much more. Regular linkers got on really well and messages were often flying around between us so I set up a Facebook group so we could all chat more easily. Now, ‘What I’m Writing’ is a lovely supportive group of writers, all at various stages of our writing careers, who use the group to share all sorts of thoughts on… well, pretty much everything really! It’s also a great place to get advice, tips and feedback on your work and to find beta readers – we’re a lovely bunch!

Our Facebook group is private but open to writers of any genre, and regardless of experience – just email me on Maddy@writingbubble.co.uk if you’d like an invitation. And I really mean that ‘regardless of experience’ bit – some members of the group are published (both self and traditionally) and some have books with agents, but many of us are writing first drafts or editing second drafts or waiting to hear back from agents. All of us have had experience of rejection and all of us are still smiling! So wherever you are on your writing journey – nearing the top of the mountain or just nervously setting forth on the foothills – if you’d like join us, let me know.

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