What I’m Writing – April Round-up

Another month has flown by! Time for the #WhatImWriting April roundup!
typewriter butterflies round up

As ever, thank you so much to everyone who linked up, I’ve really enjoyed all your posts. I’m also loving our little Facebook group which is brimming with advice and support (and off-loading of stresses). If you’re a writer/poet/blogger/*insert preferred writing category* and you’ve never linked up with #WhatImWriting before, what are you waiting for? It’s become such a lovely community due to our wonderful linkers. Here’s my summary of this month’s posts (and I think the categories I used in my last roundup were helpful – for me at least! – so I’m going to use them again):

Progress and Success

  • Katia at Funky Wellies Random Thoughts shared some exciting publication news!
  • Zoe at Little House Lea was finishing her novel and brimming with other ideas too!
  • Emily Organ showed us her new book covers – wow!
  • With the publication of her book coming ever closer (it’s out now!) Aimee Horton talked about the editing process.

Procrastination and Frustration

Motivation and Inspiration

Writing Process

Writing Tips

  • Emily Organ shared masses of useful tips she’d picked up at the London Book Fair – thanks Emily!
  • I shared my tips for finding time to write in the school holidays. (I may have locked myself in the bathroom to write the post… ).
  • Nikki Young suggested some great writing exercises to help boost creativity and get through writer’s block – I’m still planning on trying them out when I find the time!
  • Chrissie shared her top tips for coming back to a writing project you haven’t touched for a while.

Rumination and reflection

  • Marija Smits reminded us how writing can feel like a love affair - oh, the passion when the words are flowing!
  • Iona at Redpfeffer compared writing to parenting in a post that I think all writer-parents will understand.
  • Dana at Writing at the Table shared a beautiful and heartbreaking post: “It will never be enough.”


  • Iona shared a cartoon that made me giggle – all writers have their demons!


As always, there were masses of great posts and I couldn’t include them all in the roundup but I hope this is a useful reminder of (or introduction to) our #WhatImWriting linky. Thanks so much to everyone who joined in, you’re all amazing.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Writing – April Round-up

  1. Funky Wellies

    Brilliant round-up, Maddy. Thank you! :)
    Loved reading some posts I had missed, it is always so interesting to see how everyone is doing.
    Thank you for the mention too. xx

  2. Dana

    Wow, Maddy, you work really hard on these! Thank you for including me in your round up, and I’m looking forward to checking out many of these links that I haven’t seen yet.


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