my week in rhyme – #WhatImWriting


A Story sphere I drew to represent all the different thoughts bouncing around in my head!

It’s Monday night – the time has flown, my weekly post is due,
I’ve not got much to write about…

No, wait, that’s not quite true.

I’ll tell you how I’m feeling now the new school term has started
– in truth I’ve been a mixture of elated and downhearted,
as my eldest son has taken to his new school like a pro
though my middle son has told me that he misses his big bro,
while my youngest took his first four days completely in his stride
but on the fifth day, he said “What? again?!” and clutched my leg and cried.*

What else?

Oh yes, my writing… well, last weekend was a blast,
so awesomely inspiring – my ‘to do list’ now is vast!
I’m determined to take action and submit, submit, submit
I know I’ll get rejections, but the key is not to quit.

Apart from that…

My art – I’ve nearly finished my assignment!
two pieces are completed while the third just needs refinement
(that’s really not exciting as I’m rather far behind
though thankfully my understanding tutor doesn’t mind.)

So onwards!

With my mega-plan (I’ve made an epic list)
to knuckle down and focus now on all the things I’ve missed
And that means lots of time for friends and chats and cups of tea
for drawing and for writing, because f**king FINALLY
after nine whole years of parenthood I have some time for me!

Writing Bubble
Prose for Thought

*I sat with him and built some blocks. He recovered (probably faster than I did).

14 thoughts on “my week in rhyme – #WhatImWriting

  1. Kamsin

    Love it!

    I am secretly counting down the days till my son can start school and I’ll get some time for myself back. Or at least time for myself that isn’t bought by Netflix and drawing out naps longer than he really needs him.

    But I know I’ll find the transition challenging if I’m faced with tears.

    I was submitting like a fool in August and the first week of Sept but I’m feeling a bit deflated now. I can’t find the inspiration to write on anything new.
    Kamsin recently posted…Exploring old JapanMy Profile

  2. Marija Smits

    Thanks for the link to the Story Spheres. I love that!

    And the following lines:

    “It’s Monday night – the time has flown, my weekly post is due,
    I’ve not got much to write about…

    No, wait, that’s not quite true.”

    are actually pretty much perfect and I can totally empathise with them!

    Sorry to hear about the tears :-( – never good. Hugs. xx

    But I wish you all the best with your epic list… :-D

  3. Turning Up In Devon

    Loving your monotone artwork! It caught my eye as soon as I looked on the linky! Your poem was fab, bouncy and joyful and such a cool way of telling us what you’ve been doing. Liked your *, I do like a *footnote! Good luck with your epic list, it’s great you were so inspired by the weekend writing festival.


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