uh oh grasshopper…

After yesterday’s more serious blog post, I felt the urge to write something silly today.

I’ve written before about Grasshopper, my four-year-old son’s imaginary friend. He’s an insect of indeterminate size and gender who regularly gets him/herself into scrapes and gets the blame for most things that go awry in this house. Poor Grasshopper is considered particularly ‘guilty’ of any accidents in the toilet department, which is what inspired me to write this limerick. Please turn away now if you’re eating breakfast (or are from the Department of Imaginary Animal Protection):


There once was a foolish grasshopper

Who wouldn’t let anyone stop her

From ascending the loo

While my son was mid-poo

And becoming submerged in a whopper


I recited that to my sons after breakfast this morning and they immediately wanted me to make up another. My six-year-old requested that it be about a lion. The final rhyme is his idea.


There once was a wrinkly lion

Who felt that he needed an iron

But the iron was hot

And it roasted his bot

So he ended up smoother, but cryin’


Hmmm – kind of obvious it was written with the assistance of small boys, I think!

And finally, as it’s Christmas, here’s a festive limerick for the road:


A beautiful, gold decoration

Was all laden with bells at the station

As the trains chugged along

The bells chimed a song

Sending peace and goodwill to the nation.


Happy Christmas everyone!


Prose for Thought

14 thoughts on “uh oh grasshopper…

    1. Maddy Post author

      I like the lion one best too! The ‘roasted bot’ was a cause of my hilarity in this house, as any talk of ‘bots’ always is. Thanks Stephanie.

  1. Dragonsflypoppy-White feathers

    Oh I love it – an imaginary grasshopper how fabulous are children’s imaginations??? Your (and your boys’) limericks are great. Happy Christmas to you, I’m so pleased to have come across your blog and writing. xx

  2. Mayfair Mum

    Love these! They made me chuckle. I think the lion limerick is my favourite – a cautionary tale indeed #prose4T

  3. Clare

    I love these! Especially the lion’s roasted bot. And to think such creativity & mirth was occurring at the breakfast table… on a school morning!!!! In awe Maddy… in awe xx


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