My littlest guy turned two this weekend. TWO – how on earth did that happen?! Is it me or does it feel like the more kids you have, the faster they age? I’m pretty sure he was only born last week but somehow two years have gone by!

2nd cakeMuch of the last week has been taken up with preparations for the big day. My older two boys made him lots of cards and presents, drew him pictures and generally got really excited about the idea of a party.

My seven-year old has helped me lots with the preparation, coming to choose food and party bag presents with me and spending hours making buns and the cake. He announced on one shopping trip: “It’s lots of work getting ready for a birthday isn’t it? Did you know that? I never knew that before but now I do!” and then on the morning of the birthday, “Today is going to be a lot of work isn’t it Mummy? I really think you’re going to need my support!” Love him.

The day went without a hitch… oh, ok I was up to my elbows in icing, still frantically sticking Peppa Pig toppers to the buns as the guests were arriving and my son was hoovering (did I ever tell you he rocks?) so we weren’t completely on top of the organisation but hey, the birthday boy had a great time. I’m not sure he really knew what it was all about but he was thrilled by the cake, shouting “Canoo, hot!” at the candles and he loved opening all the presents.

It was lovely to see our friends too – we met while pregnant with our firstborns so have been through nearly eight years of parenting side by side and all our kids have pretty much grown up together. The twelve of them made a lot of noise rushing around the house but they were all very happy and the grownups even managed a bit of a chat over the ruckus!

Once songs had been sung, food had been devoured and little feet had danced their socks off, the guests left and our three boys collapsed, exhausted on the sofa for a big cuddle. They almost went to sleep that way – like a heap of contented puppies – before we’d even got them upstairs.

When they were finally all in bed and we had poured ourselves celebratory glasses of wine we heard our (newly) two year old’s little voice over the monitor singing himself to sleep. Guess what he was singing?

“Hatta doofay to you, hatta doofay to you… ”

A sure sign he’d had a ‘happy birthday’ I reckon.

Little Hearts, Big Love

10 thoughts on “two!

  1. Reneé

    Oh Maddy what a beautiful post, and lovely celebration you had. I’m impressed that your 7yo helped as much as he did! I feel the same, time has just disappeared since having kids but the last year in particular has gone super fast. Very Haffa Doofay to your boy xxx

  2. Jess Paterson

    Haffa Doofay to your little toddler! Mine turned two recently and I couldn’t believe it either – I definitely think they age quicker the further down the family they are! Love hearing them singing over the monitor too. x

  3. Gráinne Reid

    Awe this actually made me cry!! You can feel the love and effort that went into making Ur little boys birthday so special by all of ye and it obviously was very much appreciated by the birthday boy!! Loved this post xx

  4. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    Awww love your son for being a great help! Such a good boy.

    hatta doofay to your son =)


  5. Jaime Oliver

    awww i so hear you on the time flying thing it seems to fly! .. it looks like he has a fab day xx

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    p.s that cake looks amazing!

  6. FromMummytoMum

    A big Happy 2nd Birthday!!! Love his cake!

    I love that your older children were helping with the party preparations! Makes them feel involved too!

  7. Maria

    Looks like all of you had a fantastic time! Happy birthday to your little one :) You’re right in saying it goes by fast. I have a one year old and I feel like she was only born a minute ago and suddenly she’s walking and jabbering about. It’s astounding how time flies.

  8. Louise

    Oh that is so adorable. Sounds like your little one had a lovely birthday. I love the “canoo, hot” and him singing “hatta doofay to you” sounds like such a beautiful moment. Thank you so much for sharing it with #ftmob :-)


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