twelfth night

image (2)Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Your branches are so droopy

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Your needles drive me loopy

Your tinsel wilts on to the ground

Your decorations lie around

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

Your branches are so droopy.

Yes it’s twelfth night: time to take all the decorations down. Time to get back to real life. No more feasting and late nights and lie-ins *sob*.

But actually I’m ready for it. I need a bit of routine again. The baby didn’t seem to realise it was bedtime last night; he was wide awake and waving till nearly ten ‘o clock and as I trudged – increasingly furiously – in and out of his bedroom it suddenly occurred to me; of course he doesn’t know it’s bed time, he missed his afternoon nap, we skipped bath time and he’s been up till ten pm celebrating with us twice in the past week or so. The poor kid doesn’t know what to expect anymore.

Festive food is losing its appeal too. When I found myself in the snacks aisle at Waitrose yesterday thinking ‘Hmm what biscuits should I buy?’ I realised that none of them appealed to me. They all seemed too sugary and sweet, too chocolatey and rich… for one wild moment I considered buying a bag of carrots to eat in front of the telly instead.

And the boys need to go back to school. In fact I need them to go back to school (and I’m pretty sure that all but the most saintly of parents will understand what I mean!)

I bit of normality is just what we all need. A little less cake and biscuits and a little more structure and balance.

2014, I’m ready for you!

4 thoughts on “twelfth night

  1. David / Oddly active

    Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree
    Why do you do these things to me?
    Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree
    Another needle in my knee
    Each time I bend to sweep round you
    You take another stab or two
    Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree
    Next year we’ll do it artificially…

    Happy new year :-)

  2. Emily Page

    There’s something rather cathartic about the whole Christmas/New Year thing isn’t there? Know just how you feel. Lovely post and Happy New Year to you!


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