toastI’m sitting at the kitchen table with the toddler. He’s twenty-one months old and is learning to talk. He can say quite a few words and is even starting to put together sentences… but who needs sentences?

Toddler: “Toast!”

Me: (spreading butter) “Yes, I’m going to have toast… mmm.”

Toddler: “TOAST!”

Me: “Yes it’s Mummy’s toast, you’ve got sandwiches though – much better.”

Toddler: (waving arms wildly) “TOAST!!”

Me: “You’d like some would you? Some plain toast that’s nowhere near as interesting as that sandwich I just painstakingly made for you? You’re really sure?”

Toddler: (reaching frantically) “TOOOOOOAAAAAST!”

Me: (Sighs) “Ok, ok, I’ll cut you a bit of mine, here you g..”

Toddler: (Snatches) “TOAST! TOAST!!”

Me: “Say ‘thank you’… so, are you going to eat that then?”

Toddler: (waving toast above head victoriously) “TOAST! TOASTY, TOASTY, TOAST!!”

Me: “Yes poppet, it’s toast, are you going t…oh” (watches as toast sails in a graceful arc across the room)


Turns out he wanted yogurt.

To paint with.

yogurt art

Prose for Thought

14 thoughts on “TOAST

  1. Dana

    Oh, I love this! My son is three now, but when he was a bit younger we had similar conversations. Hmm, actually we still do…

    I love your blog! As a fellow writing-mom I can relate to the struggle of trying to get it all done. Or half done. Or just a smidge done.

    Looking forward to reading more of your words!

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Dana! It’s lovely to meet you and I’ve just popped over to your blog and said hello there too. Always good to meet a fellow writer/mother. xx

  2. Carol Cameleon

    Well what else do you do with yoghurt, silly mummy?! ;) we’ve all been there in various ways Maddy. Thanks for linking up with #WonderfulWorldofWriting again :)

  3. Wicked World of Lucas

    Yep!! That sounds about right. Wait until they’ve got what you’ve got then decide for something totally different. What would happen if we reversed the roles???? #prose4t

    1. Maddy Post author

      I know! Thank goodness he’s learning to talk properly – although I do quite enjoy ridiculous toddler miscommunications it has to be said.Thanks for commenting Lisa. x


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