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Over at Little Hearts Big Love, Louise has started ‘From the mouths of babes’, a linky for posts about the things kids say. I love the way children use language when they’re first learning it, and hearing all the things my boys have come out with over the years has been one of my favourite parts of parenting. These little words and phrases can be forgotten so easily though – no matter how much they melt our hearts at the time – which is why I think this linky is a great idea!

Although I don’t post much about my kids on my blog anymore I’ve decided that this is an aspect of their development I really want to write about. I posted a while back about words and phrases my two older boys have used but my youngest is now nearly two and at a gorgeous language-forming age. I want to capture it all… or as much as I can. So I’ll be joining in Louise’s linky. Probably not every week but when ever I can.

words blocksHere are my top three words that my todder (aged 23 months) is using at the moment:

  • Carryoo – he uses this word (with his arms outstretched) to request that I carry him, ie “Mummy, carryoo?”. He’s taken it from the fact that when I offer to carry him I say “Do you want me to carry you?”. Funnily enough, my oldest used exactly the same word at a similar age. I love it.
  • Gancoo – For ‘thank you’. He says it any time you give or offer him anything, or even when you just understand what he’s trying to say and repeat it back to him. I don’t remember my older two using the word anywhere near as often at that age. As my seven-year-old said the other day “He’s such a polite baby! What a cutie!”
  • Mimished – Fairly obviously means ‘finished’ – he says it at the end of every meal as he passes me his plate. I’ve found myself using the word too as it’s a nice one to say. It seems to fit with eating somehow… something about the repeat of the ‘m’. Or is that just me?

There are plenty more but those are the ones that come to mind right now. Consider this post mimished.

Little Hearts, Big Love

12 thoughts on “things they say

  1. Dana

    Oh those are so cute! I adore “caryoo” and my daughter used to say a version of that for the longest time and I loved it. Interestingly my son does not! He says “uppy” and often gets his pronouns right, sooner than she did and I wonder if it’s because he hear her say it right.

    My daughter now 6, still says “aminal” instead of animal and I only corrected her (gently) recently because I didn’t want kids making fun of her (though I love it and feel SO nostalgic for her last vestige of baby talk) snd she cried! It was like she was mourning the end of something too.

    1. Maddy Post author

      Aminal is really cute! I”d be shedding a little tear for the loss of that one too. I keep thinking I must record them more often too as one day they’ll be men and I’ll mourn the loss of their baby voices saying the baby things! xx

  2. Louise

    I love your toddler’s top three mispronounced words – ‘carryoo’ is utterly adorable. Sophie has just started saying thank you occasionally and it does sound more like ‘gancoo’ when she says it too and I love ‘mirmished’ for finished – what a lovely sounding word that is! Thank you so much for sharing with #ftmob and I’m so glad that you like my linky :-)


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