the things they say

At just-turned-two my toddler’s language is developing at quite a pace. He’s putting together more complex sentences all the time and although the way he constructs them isn’t necessarily ‘correct’ yet, I rather like it that way. This week my favourite utterances of his have been:

  • “Uppy daisy! I droppity boon!” (On dropping a spoon… well, it was possibly “I drop it, a boon” but it sounded like ‘droppity’ and I just loved that word!)
  • “NO nap! I want goot with brubbers!” (Unimpressed by the idea of a nap – he was determined to go out scooting with his brothers.)
  • “Mummy – a flanoo for the wiping, peese.” (Politely requesting I get the flannel to clean him up after lunch.) This was accompanied by a sweeping hand gesture and the over-all effect was rather Shakespearian and regal. I was almost tempted to reply “As you wish, my liege.”

little king

I have to admit I’m not in any hurry to leave this phase – it’s too cute!

Little Hearts, Big Love

7 thoughts on “the things they say

  1. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    It is such an adorable stage, I was reading back through some posts last night to choose one for the linky, and I found myself with such a smile on my face as I reread some of the adorable things the kids have said! I love droppity, I think you should adopt that one forever :)

  2. Louise

    Oh these are so adorable. I love “droppity” – such an adorable word and asking for a “flanoo for the wiping, peese” sounds so cute and love how polite he is too. Thank you for sharing with #ftmob :-)


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