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My youngest son is nearly three now and is by and large a lovely, laid-back little boy. He definitely has his moments (in fact he went to nursery in his pyjamas this morning because after I’d dressed him he undressed himself then persuaded his brothers to help him back into his pyjamas which he then refused POINT BLANK to take off…  but they were new and very stylish so, meh) but mostly he’s easy going. In fact, a lot of the time he’s so deliciously cute – with his squishable huggableness and wonderful toddler language – that I can’t bear the idea of him getting older. I just want to keep my little cuddly mummy’s boy forever.

minions talkingObviously that’s not an option, (and I wouldn’t want it to be, not really… not really, really) but I figure at least I’ve written about a fair few of his lovely (and not so lovely) moments in this blog. I can imagine reading back in years to come and having a fond chuckle.

On that note, here’s what he’s been up to recently:

1. He spent a lot of December singing Christmas songs and carols. His absolute favourite is Jingle Bells but he also likes Away in a Manger.  Here he eschewed the traditional lyrics about ‘Lord Jesus’ and sang enchantingly about ‘Little Old Cheeses.’

2. The other day he was lying on the bed (as I was trying to make it – he’s ‘helpful’ like that) and kept saying “Wrap me up like a goonie!” I had no idea at all what a ‘goonie’ was (although as a child of the eighties I was reminded of the classic film of that name!) but he seemed happy as long as I wrapped the blanket around and around him when he said this. It wasn’t until later when I repeated the story to his brothers that I found out what he meant. ‘Oh, a goonie! ” they exclaimed, “That’s what he calls a genie!” Apparently he’d seen the picture on the front of an Aladdin DVD. Goonies do look exactly like they’re wrapped in a blanket, he’s right.

3. He loves shopping. Seriously I have never known a child love it so much. Every morning after we drop his brothers off at school he asks “Can we go to the shoppings now?” and is most displeased if I say no. His favourite place of all is The Metro Centre – a huge shopping centre near (ish) us. His name for it though is “Dementor centre.” This always makes me think of the dementors from Harry Potter – those creatures who drain “peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them”. If you’ve ever visited the Metro Centre on a Saturday in December you’d know how apt this name is!

4. All my boys have had a different word for breakfast. My eldest called it ‘Brekkits’, my second-born, “brefkits”. My youngest, though, has the best word of all: “Gretgrits”. We all use this word now and I suspect we’ll be doing so for years to come.

5. Star Wars fever hit our house a few weeks ago (no surprises there) and although the toddler is too little to see the film he still got caught up in the excitement. He’s been running all over the place declaring he’s main baddie Kylo Ren. Only he gets it a bit wrong and shouts “I’m Carolyn!” I’ve nothing against the name but, well…

kylo ren

Does this look like a ‘Carolyn’ to you?

6. He’s had a sense of humour for a while now but more recently has been cracking ‘jokes’. These are possibly the worst jokes I’ve heard, in fact the only reason we know they’re jokes is because he repeats them and laughs manically. The other day he called me ‘Mummy Pig’, I realised this was a joke when he followed it up with “Haha! I said you Mummy Pig! Hahahhhaha.” The same thing happened when his friend was going home after a playdate: “Bye Bye, Daddy!” he shouted, then, “Haha, I said ‘Bye Bye Daddy’ to Luke hahahahhahaha!”. A career as a stand up comedian beckons for sure…

7. I love seeing empathy develop in my boys. Last night my eldest collapsed to the floor complaining of cramp in his foot. The toddler immediately shouted for me: “Mummy! Get Charlie and Lola! (a cold pack we keep in the fridge with their picture on it)” then he patted his big brother on the back and said “Don’t worry, I will keep you better.” My heart melted… until five minutes later when the same thing happened and instead of responding with gentle affection he ran past his brother cackling “Haha! You got crampings! Hahahaha!” Remember that sense of humour I was telling you about…


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12 thoughts on “the things they say #6

  1. Silly Mummy

    Bless him! I always love it when cheeses turn up in Christmas songs! & wrap me up like a goonie is amazing. Number 7 is really sweet. I don’t think I would like to go to the Dementor Centre, however… #ftmob

  2. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    What a lovely post Maddy and how adorable is your youngest son? I can just imagine him singing Away in a Manger all about the “Little Old Cheeses” and “wrap me up like a goonie” had me thinking of the 80s film too (and being quite confused) until you translated that “goonie” was toddler-speak for “genie”. Dementor Centre sounds like a very good description for most shopping centres in the run-up to Christmas. I love the way little ones tell jokes that are just random things they say and not funny at all (but at least let you know that they’re jokes by laughing at the end) and at least when his brother had cramp, your toddler was sympathetic first time before deciding that it was all a big joke. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob :-)
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…Review and giveaway – Akane: Last of the OrionsMy Profile

  3. Rachael

    The Dementor centre! Ha! I think he’s onto something there – all shopping centres should be named thusly. Love reading about what the little ones say – you just want to hold on to that almost language forever sometimes, don’t you..? x

  4. Mummy here and there

    Awww, my son loves singing jungle bells, even now though it has poo involved. I love his word for breakfast and is is lovely to see he so good jn what to do with pain management X #ftmob

  5. Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

    What a lovely little character!
    I love how you all use the nickname “gretgrits” for breakfast now, that’s quite catchy!
    And loving the new lyrics “little old cheeses” haha.
    It made me smile with “Mummy Pig” our little one used to call me and the hubby mommy and daddy pig from Peppa pig! charming haha! talk about a complex!
    A lovely cheerful post :) x
    Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs recently posted…Helping your child to differentiate left from right shoesMy Profile

    1. Maddy Post author

      All toddlers seem to be obsessed with Peppa Pig don’t they so I guess the chances of not being called Mummy pig at least once are fairly slim! Thanks for commenting, Jayne. x
      Maddy recently posted…plans for 2016My Profile


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