the remorseless horse – limerick challenge #28

I’m in the process – the S-L-O-W process – of putting together a book of limericks for kids. This means I pretty much always have silly rhymes churning around in my head and am constantly on the look out for inspiration. Usually it comes from my sons who like to throw animals at me (not literally) to write about. This week I combined their request for a horse limerick with The Prompt over at Mum Turned Mom which was ‘lazy’.

I’m keeping all my best limericks for my book, especially the ones I think kids will like, so this isn’t one of my, or my sons, favourite ones. I think it has too much of an adult theme. Still, they both illustrated it for me as you can see below and their pictures are much happier than my words I think!

A lazy, unpleasant old horse
To his wife showed no thought or remorse
When he yelled “Make my tea!
I’m watching T.V!”
Don’t worry – she left him (of course).


horse watching tv 2

By my 5yo – horses watching (car) racing on T.V. I think.


horse watching TV

By my 8yo – a horse watching special ‘horse news’ – a much happier scene than my limerick suggests! :) (and can you spot his Harry Potter obsession sneaking into the picture?)


14 thoughts on “the remorseless horse – limerick challenge #28

  1. Kriss MacDonald

    Great limerick – and I like how it shows laziness not being very pleasant sometimes. Good on the wife not putting up with it. You definitely inspired some good drawings from your son too.

  2. Mummy Tries

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! The best bit is that the wife left him :) Anything book related always takes time – best to get it absolutely spot on and be truly proud of the finished article. Good luck with it honey xxx


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