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Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 20.50.41I wanted to link up with the #wonderfulworldofwriting today so once the baby was napping I sat down to write something. But no words came. One cup of tea later – still no words. A bag of wotsits – nope.

Grapes, they’re good for the brain right? Well possibly, but not mine. Not this morning anyway.

After forty-five minutes I decided to focus on something else. #ThePrompt this week is ‘joy’. That’s a good topic; surely I could write about that?


Oh I know,  I wrote that lovely poem after my last baby was born didn’t I? The one about how amazing I felt in those first few blissful hours after his birth? I could use that in a blog post about joy. That would work.

Well yes it might if the poem was any good. Turns out it’s not though. Damn.

Oh hang on though… there was that one I wrote about motherhood…

Yes, yes, but look –  it’s also a big heap of steaming turd.

Aaarrgh! How can I have writers block so bad it’s gone retroactive? Not only can I not write, I also now couldn’t in the past! What to dooooo?

Write. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Write through the block. Write a blog post to linkup with the #wonderfulworldofwriting.


Oh, just shut up and write. Bet you can get something down if you throw yourself at it and don’t really care if you sound a bit crazy.

See. Told you.