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reading and waiting – #WhatImWriting

Last week was one of those weeks. It wasn’t all bad, but the bits that were sapped most of my energy. Safe to say, not much was achieved on the writing front.

books and pen

I did read though. I seem to be able to distract myself (from stressful situations) with reading more easily than I can with writing – do you find that? When there’s a lot going on in my head, dealing with my own characters can feel too much; I can’t find my way through the maze to make sense of their story. Reading is different – a story in someone else’s words just rushes over me and is easy to get lost in. Since my last #WhatImWriting post I’ve devoured two books by Jodi Picoult (The Pact and My Sister’s Keeper) both of which kept me suitably gripped. Reading is an excellent way to learn about the craft of writing anyway… so it kind of counts as writing research doesn’t it? I think so. :)

But as for my actual writing, well, I was waiting for feedback on my picture books which was due in the middle of last week. I had geared myself up to receiving it and then to putting my energies towards making changes to those manuscripts. But the feedback didn’t arrive (turns out the place I submitted them to hasn’t had the chance to read them yet – argh!) so I now have to wait another few weeks. Sigh. I am not the world’s most patient person and I’m dying to know what they think! But I guess I’ve waited this long (seven weeks) so what’s another couple?

So what do I fill the next few weeks with instead? Well, the state of my diary suggests I won’t have much time for writing anyway (everything seems to be happening all at once!). I’ll try to squeeze a limerick or two in somewhere though, just to keep my brain ticking over.

Aside from that, I’m just hoping for an emotionally-calmer week!

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