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toddler talk

My toddler’s language is developing at quite a pace. We have whole conversations now and, despite the fact he only turned two last week, he’s already commenting on my outfit choices. ;)

toy car

Toddler: *pointing at the front of my top* “Yook! Wheels!”

Me: “What’s that? … Oh I see, they’re buttons poppet.”

Toddler *examining toy car in his hands and holding it next to the buttons* “Wheels! Yots and yots o’ wheels!”

Me: “Yes, I can see what you mean; the buttons are the same size and colour as the wheels on your car… but they’re buttons.

Toddler: *shakes head firmly* “No. Wheels. Wheels Mummy.”

Me “You’re right, clever boy, they look like wheels but they’re actually buttons. Buttons.”

Toddler: “Shhhhh! WHEELS!”

Me: *gives up*


I actually rather like the idea of having a host of spare wheels on my top. My toddler LOVES cars so it’s good to be prepared for a toy-related emergency!


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