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park – #WhatImWriting

Last week, after finally getting the feedback on my manuscripts I’d been waiting for, I was feeling motivated. The editors comments had given me a boost (albeit with an awareness that there was work to be done) and all your lovely comments added to that feeling – thank you! So there I was, raring to get going on the editing… revving up the engine… brum, brum, brum…


Bruuuugggggggeeeerrrrkkkk, splutter, splutter. STALL.

Oh dear. It was partly due to having loads to catch up on after a really full-on few weeks, but also because I was waiting for a decent-sized chunk of time to dedicate to the manuscripts and there just wasn’t one.

Maybe I should have used the snippets of time I had available, but it’s been a couple of months since I even looked at my picture books and really wanted to be able to devote myself to them not just dive in for the odd half hour here and there. So, I’m afraid the car stayed firmly in the garage.

I did manage a blog post on toddler conversations and the #WhatImWriting April round up though so that was something at least. Perhaps the vehicle isn’t broken, it just needs a bit of attention to get the engine purring smoothly again.

It’s been a weird week though hasn’t it? The general election result threw me (and that’s putting it politely). It’s kind of sapped me of my energy and left me questioning all sorts of things. Wondering how society fits together is not proving to be conducive to making my words fit together.

And now I can’t for the life of me work out how to finish this post. I’ve been at it for an hour (seriously, I keep typing and deleting, typing and deleting). I’ll just go. No more car metaphors, no more words.

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