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the need for speed – #WhatImWriting

How long does it take you to write a blog post? Half an hour? An hour? Longer? It quite often takes me a whole evening – a good three hours if I forget to go to bed early enough – and that just feels like too long to me. Even when I write a quick post I end up faffing around trying to find a picture, or editing it fifty billion times because I’m such a hopeless proofreader and can look right through glaring errors, or I decide I no longer like what I wrote and that the whole post needs re-writing. Sometimes I write the same post on and off for days – cooking tea with one hand and tinkering with the wordpress dashboard with the other. I’m so S-L-O-W.


That’s why I could never be a pro-blogger (it’s nothing to do with lack of suitable content or being hopeless on social media or rubbish at pushing myself forward, nope, not at all)  I just can’t work fast enough. I can’t produce enough words in the right order at an appropriate time. When people talk about scheduling posts I’m baffled – you mean you write posts in advance and schedule them weeks before hand?! The furthest ahead I ever think is a few days and even then I don’t get the post written until I’m about to hit the publish button.

It’s the same with my creative writing. I suspect that even Ginger and Sluggish (my sons’ snails) could – if they were ever to get their hands (suckers?) on a pen and paper – leave me trailing in their wake. At the moment I’m spending months editing three picture books that, in total, contain fewer than 2000 words. In fact I’ve been writing them for the past nine months! How can it be taking me this long?

Admittedly, it’s not like that’s all I do with my time (kids, work, blog, housework, attempt at a social life, love of a good tv series, book obsession… and an occasional wave at my husband from behind a laptop) but still. Working faster would be useful. Editing faster would be great. In fact, where blogging is concerned perhaps I need to just fling the words out there a bit more and not edit at all? That would speed things up.

Or maybe I just need to accept my lack of speed and hope that, like the tortoise in the fable, slow and steady will win the race. One day I’ll trundle over the finishing line and see my words in print.

Are you a fast writer or editor? Do you edit blog posts much or just type ‘n’ go? Any tips?