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What I’m Writing – April Round-up

Another month has flown by! Time for the #WhatImWriting April roundup!
typewriter butterflies round up

As ever, thank you so much to everyone who linked up, I’ve really enjoyed all your posts. I’m also loving our little Facebook group which is brimming with advice and support (and off-loading of stresses). If you’re a writer/poet/blogger/*insert preferred writing category* and you’ve never linked up with #WhatImWriting before, what are you waiting for? It’s become such a lovely community due to our wonderful linkers. Here’s my summary of this month’s posts (and I think the categories I used in my last roundup were helpful – for me at least! – so I’m going to use them again):

Progress and Success

  • Katia at Funky Wellies Random Thoughts shared some exciting publication news!
  • Zoe at Little House Lea was finishing her novel and brimming with other ideas too!
  • Emily Organ showed us her new book covers – wow!
  • With the publication of her book coming ever closer (it’s out now!) Aimee Horton talked about the editing process.

Procrastination and Frustration

Motivation and Inspiration

Writing Process

Writing Tips

  • Emily Organ shared masses of useful tips she’d picked up at the London Book Fair – thanks Emily!
  • I shared my tips for finding time to write in the school holidays. (I may have locked myself in the bathroom to write the post… ).
  • Nikki Young suggested some great writing exercises to help boost creativity and get through writer’s block – I’m still planning on trying them out when I find the time!
  • Chrissie shared her top tips for coming back to a writing project you haven’t touched for a while.

Rumination and reflection

  • Marija Smits reminded us how writing can feel like a love affair - oh, the passion when the words are flowing!
  • Iona at Redpfeffer compared writing to parenting in a post that I think all writer-parents will understand.
  • Dana at Writing at the Table shared a beautiful and heartbreaking post: “It will never be enough.”


  • Iona shared a cartoon that made me giggle – all writers have their demons!


As always, there were masses of great posts and I couldn’t include them all in the roundup but I hope this is a useful reminder of (or introduction to) our #WhatImWriting linky. Thanks so much to everyone who joined in, you’re all amazing.

what i’m writing – february round-up

Another month has gone by and as I sit down to do the ‘What I’m Writing’ Roundup I feel a bit overwhelmed! We had more linkers than ever before and a fabulous range of posts – nearly fifty of them!
typewriter butterflies round up

This time, in an attempt to summarise the sorts of things we’ve been discussing, sharing and experiencing I’ve decided to create categories underneath which I’ll list some of the posts. I’m hoping that this makes it slightly easier for me to summarise things, and easier for you to read too. If it works I might use the same format next time. Here goes:

Progress and Success

  • Iona at Red Peffer was feeling inspired and had been practising her drawing skills alongside her writing – she’d even created her own mythical beast!
  • Morgan at Morgans Millieu was feeling confident about her blogging how far she had come with it – hooray!
  • Over at Velvet Morning Press Adria was pleased to announce the launch of a new book –  That’s Paris.
  • Aimee Horton had the most exciting news of all though – a publishing deal for her Dottie books!

Procrastination and Frustration

  • At Mum Turned Mom Sara’s creative writing had stalled (although she kick-started it again with a writing exercise :) )
  • Meanwhile At Virtually all sorts Carol shared some time wasting zen.
  • Aimee was feeling the pressure and the self-doubt.
  • I’d had a couple of bad weeks in which my writing had stalled… although I’d kept it to myself at the time!

Motivation and Inspiration

  • Morgan shared who inspired her as a writer (and our linky was up there in esteemed company!)
  • Carol had a great idea for thinking (and writing) positive.
  • Nicola at Nikki Young Writes shared some creative writing exercises she’d found – many of us tried them out of the following weeks – thanks so much Nikki!
  • Reneé at Mummy Tries inspired us all with her advice on releasing ourselves from the pressure we put ourselves under.

Writing Process

  • Over at 38 – 39, Antonia Chitty shared a fascinating experimental writing style.
  • Sophie at Sophie Is… shared her editing essentials (oh, that coffee machine… ).
  • Dana at Writing At The Table talked about playing it safe and her urge to protect her characters from harm.
  • At Muddled manuscript, Chrissie was discussing ‘business talk’ (erk) and how it relates to writing.
  • Reneé reminded us that self-publishing was just the beginning of the journey.

Writing Tips

  • Nicola shared useful information on story structure.
  • Emily Organ had tips on how to get the setting right in your story.
  • Emily also shared ‘Seven things blogging taught me about writing’.


  • At Those Words She Wrote, Lexie wondered about the bravery of sharing on a blog.
  • Antonia introduced a project that got us thinking about blogging and a sense of self.
  • Iona pondered the lost art of communication.
  • Sophie considered the juggling act that is being a writing mother!


  • Bronwyn Marcus shared a hilarious discovery at a second hand bookshop.
  • My quiz ‘What sort of writer are you?‘ should help you out if you’ve ever wondered if food has a relationship with writing style. ;)
  • Chrissie showed us the inner workings of her brain.

And there you have it! Thanks so much to everyone who joined in!

What I’m Writing round-up

It’s the 5th of January and all around the country decorations are coming down and people are returning to work. Christmas is well and truly over so as I sit down to write December’s ‘What I’m Writing’ round-up it feels all wrong. December was so long ago! It was last year! And given that the last #WhatImWriting was on 16th December – before school broke up and festivities completely overtook everything – I feel like I’m trying to round-up things we all did and said in a previous life.

But that’s silly. Mid-December was only a few short weeks ago and actually, what better time to do do a round-up? To look backwards now before we all launch ourselves forwards again? So here goes:

typewriter butterflies round up

December was a great month for ‘What I’m Writing’ with a whole host of  great, inspiring, thought-provoking, sympathetic, sharing and encouraging posts, so thank you so much everyone who linked up. We also had two new linkers last month – Rachael from Honest Speaks and Dana from Writing at the Table – so a big welcome to them!

Last month certainly brought positivity with Reneé sharing exciting news of her book sales (she published Become the Best You at the end of November) having achieved #47 in the Amazon self help section – yippee! She also wrote of the support she received from the online community which was great to hear.

Meanwhile, Iona described a lovely experience she’d had when her young daughter read and gave feedback on the manuscript she’s writing, Carol had made excellent progress with her writing through a ‘no procrastination day’, and Sara was wondering – for the first time ever – about developing a short fictional piece into something longer . Exciting times!

As you’d expect from writers there was also a lot of pondering on all sorts of issues. Sophie wondered how to structure her novel which takes place in two distinct time periods, Morgan was considering giving up her novel to focus on her blog (we convinced her not to!) and Rachael asked ‘what makes a writer?’ – a really interesting debate!

There were creative struggles too: Chrissie wrote about her ‘confused muse’, a recent rejection inspired me to write my ‘ten top tips for overcoming rejection’ and Reneé wrote about the crash that came after her exciting book launch.  But such downs are a part of the writing life as Emily acknowledged in a post in which she interviewed Rachael Lucas (whose two books have been a huge success) about ‘The Highs and Lows of Writing’ – they happen to us all!

Despite the downs, ‘onwards and upwards’ was a definite theme with Emily and Sophie both researching their third books and Adria sharing the wonderful idea (about NaNoWriMo) that if you’ve been inspired and written anything, then you’ve won. Dana was also moving on with her writing and described her novel as a beloved albatross that was finally starting to take flight after literally being locked in a safe for five years! And in a very useful post Iona shared what she’d learnt at a recent conference about ‘getting published’ – motivation for us all.

Nikki wrote an incredibly moving post on ‘The Moment that Changed Everything’. It’s a stand alone post in terms of theme and so touching that I’m giving it it’s own paragraph. A powerful musing on awful moments where everything in life shifts.

As we moved towards the end of the year, there was a lot of reflecting on the year gone by and in the loved-up spirit of Christmas I wrote about how much the online writing community has meant to me this year. Sara was also reflective in a post that celebrated her blog’s second birthday and a year that she described as ‘all about writing’. Chrissie shared a very impressive spreadsheet of all the writing she’d done throughout the year (in a later post she also shared a blank spreadsheet that we can all download and use ourselves – thanks Chrissie!) and some impressive targets for next year.

Looking forward to 2015, Aimee shared the sad news that she was winding up her Pass the Gin blog… but for the great reason that she wants to concentrate on her writing, Carol shared an opportunity that was ‘stepping out of the wings’ for her to seize, and Chrissie wrote a great positive piece about how she’s going to take on this year. She channelled her daughter’s determination to go to a party to encourage us all not to fear rejection: ‘If you don’t ask about the party, you won’t get to go to the party’ – so true.

As I look forward to 2015 that sounds like a wonderful analogy for my writing intentions and goals – I hope we all spend 2015 asking about the party and that by the end of the year we’ve all donned our dancing shoes and are boogying away on the dance floor!

Happy New Year!

#WhatImWriting round-up

typewriter butterflies round upThis time last month Chrissie and I were getting the final details sorted out ready to launch our brand new writing linky. We were hoping it would get off to a reasonable start but the reception has surpassed our hopes by such a long way! I’ve found the whole thing exciting, informative, inspiring and touching.

‘Touching’? You might be thinking, well yes – touching, moving, smile-inducing – because it hasn’t been just a numbers game. Our primary motivation in starting the linky was to create a community of writers who could understand, support and inspire each other, and it’s done that, it really has. The comments sections of the posts have been brilliant and there is already talk of meeting for coffee and cake!

So far, we’ve had fifteen different writers linking up (thank you all) but we’re always happy to welcome more. So I figured it was time for a round-up post to remind us all about what we’ve been chatting about and also so that anyone who’s wondering what our linky is all about can find out. Right, without further ado:

One major theme of the past month has been editing (and the highs and the lows thereof). I read posts about this with interest as I know it’s something I’m going have to do ruthlessly with my novel once I get to the end of the first draft! Sophie described her process which involves using star-shaped post-it notes (effective and pretty, what more could you need?!), Chrissie ploughed her way through a difficult patch and ended up victorious, while Mummy Tries took her book to an exciting next level by sending it to a professional editor! (and also to literary agencies – wow!)

Character development was also explored with Sadie describing all sorts of inspiring creative exercises that she’d done over the summer and Nikki sharing both her method of taking characters from her novel and writing them into different situations, and also the great results! These posts both prompted me to try this out myself. Iona also shared an interesting method where she’d created a mood board as a way of learning more about her character and the journey she takes through the book. I never would have thought of that!

Feedback was another theme with Katia sharing three intriguing excerpts from her novel (the first in a trilogy!), Iona posting a lovely story for children that she is working on and Nikki sharing her novel synopsis (which certainly would entice me to read the book). All three asked for constructive criticism. I admire anyone who can put themselves out there like this and pondered how, when and where to get feedback myself (and received hugely useful suggestions, I might add).

People also shared more about the projects they were working on: for Emily it was her second book (she self-published her first earlier this year), for Carol her adventurously titled #nextbigthing  (and she kept us hanging for quite a while before letting us know what that was!) and Beth specifically requested a kick up the bum to ensure she entered some competitions she had her eye on (did the kicks help, Beth?)!

We also talked inspiration: Sophie shared some wonderful books she’d found (I now tell myself to ‘take it bird by bird’ if I ever feel overwhelmed) and Mummy Tries wrote about how her book had been inspired by overcoming a difficult past and wanting to share what she’d learnt. Meanwhile Sara had been inspired by our linky itself and decided to find her own writing secret- yay!

Time management was, however, an issue: Morgan was juggling writing with being a SAHM to two young boys (shopping, PTA meetings – I know the drill!), Aimee spoke about getting the balance between writing (particularly as a self-published author) and earning those all important pennies, and I wondered how on earth to make time (amidst the rest of life) for all the different types of writing I want to do. I remain in awe of Chrissie’s ability to tackle NaNoWriMo (for which her countdown has begun), now there’s something that requires impressive time management skills!

And no conversation between writers would be complete without some discussion of self doubt! Aimee wondered (in hilarious fashion) if she could write a different character to her familiar Dottie (heroine of three books!) Emily articulated the subject perfectly though an imagined conversation with the voice of doubt itself and Mummy Plum was doubting herself so much she was struggling to write her book at all (though I’m hoping the lovely comments have convinced her to get going again – her ability is clear in every blog post!)

And to prove that the linky is (despite the name) not just for sharing what we’re writing but also for general musings in that area, Morgan shared a thought-provoking post which asked ‘is the writing bug hereditary?’ , Sara eloquently pondered ‘what makes you a writer?’ and Carol reminded us of how lucky we are to be able to read and write at all.

Phew! I hope I managed to capture what went on – it’s been quite a month hasn’t it?

Once again, thanks to all our lovely linkers and we’re always happy to welcome new faces!

Hope to see you on Tuesday xx