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ten ways to overcome rejection – #WhatImWriting

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tryptich 5Rejection. *Sigh.* It’s no fun is it? No fun at all. Nope.

But writers have to accept and expect rejection and not let it get us down. So I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt. Here are my:

Ten Top Tips For Getting Over (Writing) Rejections.

1. Your work has been rejected? Congratulations! This means you are officially a writer! You see, writers get rejected all the time. One of the first pieces of knowledge I ever absorbed about writing-as-a-career was ‘expect rejection – lots of it.’ So yeah: I write + one of my submissions has been rejected = I am a writer. Ace. Badge of honour, that. Hold your head high, my friend.

2. Music. Music heals the soul. For me it’s Nat King Cole. I’m writing this in December but even if it’s not December when I listen to him sing, it FEELS like Christmas in the very best way. Crap day? Put Nat King Cole on and all’s well with the world. Play your songs, people, play your songs.

3. Remember, it’s just one person’s opinion of one thing you wrote. It’s not what everyone thinks. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong/crap/talentless it just means that one person said no. To one thing. ONE THING. ONE PERSON. Since when did one person’s opinion of one thing matter so much to you? Exactly.

4. Some distractingly good telly. I would say ‘read a book’ but you might be feeling sensitive about the written word at the moment so lets look at the good old goggle-box instead. Comedy is good. I’m a ‘Parks and Recreation’ fan right now although we’re also rediscovering ‘Kath and Kim’ which is awesome. Or there’s always ‘The West Wing': Brilliant, funny, intelligent and the characters love each other in a way that warms the heart. Heart warming is good for combatting rejection, I find.

5. Mulled wine. Ahhhhh. My husband bought some mulling, spicy syrup thing that you add to red wine and heat up. I’m drinking a mug of it as I type this. By ‘eck it’s strong (so strong my Yorkshire roots are starting to assert themselves). It’s already gone to my knees (don’t know about you but alcohol always affects my knees first) and is gently worming it’s way round my brain as we speak. Rejection? Pah. Yum. Tee hee.

6. Children, family, friends – they still think you’re amazing. They still believe in you. If someone rejected something one of them wrote, what would you say to them? Say it to yourself. You know you’re right.

7. The natural world. It’s vast and stunning and puts everything into perspective. Go for a walk, breathe some fresh air, look at a lovely view or some beautiful old trees. Feel the disapointment melt into ‘meh’.

8. A really good satsuma. Not a euphemism – I really do love citrus fruit.

9. A really good satsuma. A euphemism. (sorry – husband poured me a second mug of wine – I really am quite drunk now.)

10. Look… I mean listen… I mean read… read this. YOU ARE A WRITER AND YOU CAN WRITE.  Carry on writing, carry on submitting and you will get there. YOU WILL.

I’ve drunk too much mulled wine to continue now. Over and out.