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procrastination – #WhatImNOTwriting

Right. This is it.

The toddler is asleep.

I’m ready.

I’m going to write my book. Like, right now.

Oh yes I am.

But first, biscuits. Biscuits will help. Definitely. Chocolate ones?

Good, chocolate digestives, found some, can’t stand hobnobs; too sweet. Does anyone like hobnobs really?

*googles ‘hobnob popularity vs digestives’*… oooh, it turns out the chocolate is on the bottom NOT the top of the biscuit, huh, who knew?

Which biscuit is more popular though? No, don’t look, don’t look! MUST CRACK ON!

Cracking on now, no wait! CUP OF TEA! How could I even think of beginning without a cup of tea?

Ah, tea. Tea and biscuits…

Nice mug that, I like Bridgewater.

Which reminds me, there was that lamp I liked…

*googles ‘blue ceramic lamp’*

Ooh that’s lovely, that would look great in the living room… it would match those cushions!

Those cushions that I don’t actually own but I’m sure I saw them in a catalogue the other day. Which catalogue though?

*goes on a hunt through the ‘box of random crap in the kitchen that I don’t want to throw out but don’t quite know what to do with’*

Nope, not there. Could have been online?

*googles ‘ cushions match ceramic lamp blue squiggles’*

What’s with these search results? What have spiders webs got to do with lamps, eh google?!

Although really, spiders are impressive creatures, I mean look at that web!


Ok, Ok, I’m on it! Look at me, I’ve got my laptop open and everything!

I’ve typed the title! I’m cooking with gas! See me go, I’ll have written masses by the time the toddler wakes up from h…




(P.S This is my second post for #WhatImWriting this week. Chrissie decided on the (optional) theme: ‘What I’m NOT writing’ but I’ve had such a productive week I wanted to write about that. But then I’m a pro at procrastination so I couldn’t resist writing this post too!)


Updated 10th April – ‘The Prompt’ over at Mum turned Mom this week is ‘Procrastination’ so I couldn’t resist linking up this post!