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little voices

Two o’clock, Sunday afternoon. It’s gloriously sunny and I’m sitting in the garden. My husband has been away this weekend so I’ve had a few days of full-on parenting, but now, right now this very moment… I’m on my own. You know where the boys are? Inside watching Monsters University on TV.

Did I mention it was a gorgeous day?


Look how gorgeous it is! What am a doing letting them sit inside on the sofa when they could be running around out here? Well, because when I went in just now to try and hustle them out of the house to play they just didn’t want to. They’re happy where they are. So I’ve decided to come back out here on my own.

Of course I’m not really on my own – there’s a little parental guilt voice that’s nagging me: “But they’ve been watching TV for ages – you should be entertaining them!”, and a reprimanding voice saying “Don’t waste a sunny day, you won’t get many more of them this year.”, and a bossy voice demanding, “if they’re watching TV the least you can do is get something useful done! What do you think you’re doing just sitting there?!” (Well I’m writing a blog post actually, bossy voice so you can get lost).

But I’ve recently been struggling to find any time to myself and I’ve felt like my creative side is stifled. I haven’t really written much beyond a couple of blog posts for weeks. I need time to sit by myself and think.

So I’m going to ignore the guilty voice and the reprimanding voice and the bossy voice. The boys are safe inside and I’m happy in the sunshine and that’s all that matters right now this minute.

I’m taking this moment for me.

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