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celebrity look-alikes?

Waaaaay back in 2010/11 I had another blog. It was part of a babywares business I ran with my husband and when the business closed the blog went with it. We kept the blog posts on a computer somewhere though because we had mostly written about our kids and wanted to keep those memories.

boys at kirkley

My oldest two back in 2011. I think they’re looking at insects (not much has changed, then… )

This summer I decided I would dig that old blog out and share a few old posts. When I found this post it actually made me laugh out loud  – I’d totally forgotten all about these incidents! It’s from back in March 2011 when I my (then) youngest son was eighteen months old:

Like most babies, my toddler recognised the faces of those closest to him when he was very young. As is the norm, his eyes lit up when he saw Mummy and Daddy. Pretty early on he started saying ‘Dada’ to my husband, which soon became ‘Daddy’, and after that he learnt to say ‘Mummy’ when he saw me. So he knows who we are. He knows what we look like. Of that I am sure.

And yet…

Last Saturday I was flicking through a magazine while the boys entertained themselves happily around my ankles as they (sometimes) do. I paused for a moment on the celebrity pages, casting my eyes over the latest gossip. My 18mo wandered over to me and looked at the photos there. Suddenly his little face lit up, and with great joy and certainty he pointed and said “Daddy!”

Who had he seen, you might wonder? Bradley Cooper perhaps? Johnny Depp? Dermot O’Leary? Oh no. No one like that.

Jennifer Aniston.

I chuckled to myself as I said “That’s not Daddy it’s Jennifer Aniston” : a phrase I can’t say I ever expected to utter. Ha ha, the idea of my stubbly, bespectacled husband being a dead-ringer for Jen with her glossy mane of hair and perfect Hollywood skin. Oh and her gender, of course.

But that wasn’t the end of my son’s curious misconceptions. A few days later he was messing about with his dad when he suddenly spotted his Cliff Richard calendar*. I believe this month Cliff is depicted wearing a rather garish shirt and stroking a collection of fake parrots. But one look at this image and he pointed, and delightedly declared “Mummy!”

Great. I look like Cliff Richard. Caressing birds. I may need to rethink my beauty regime.

So, what do you think? Do we get his eyes checked? Or his brain?

*For the sake of my husband’s reputation I should probably point out that he only possesses such a calendar as a result of a long running joke with a friend, who has been sending him one every year for the past 15 years!

And now… that toddler is a couple of weeks away from his sixth birthday. When I got dressed up to go to a wedding the other day he told me I looked ‘beautiful’ (a heartmelt moment) so I assume he’s moved on from thinking I look like Sir Cliff. His younger brother recently had some strange ideas about my physical appearance though so perhaps I am odder-looking than I ever thought possible?

Oh, and my husband has now been receiving Cliff Richard Calendars for twenty years as part of that running gag. And in all that time Cliff appears not to have aged a day. Perhaps he’s not such a bad person to resemble after all.

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a tale of two dodos – #WhatImWriting

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away…

Oh ok, five years ago in a house down the road and round the corner… I used to write another blog. My husband and I had a babywares business (called Little Dodo – which goes some way to explaining the photo below) and decided we should get on board with all of this social media malarky to promote it.  The blog wasn’t very businessy really, it was mostly about our family: the two of us and our (at the time) two sons. Although my husband wrote some of the posts, I did most of the writing and it quickly became my favourite part of the job.

dodo pile

There is a story behind this picture… it makes me all emotional just to look at it!

Blogging and social media were different way back in 2010, as those of you blogging back then will know. There were far fewer parent bloggers, linkies were rarer and more focussed and, most shocking of all – twitter had no favourite button! I know – how did we ever manage to communicate the notion that we liked someone’s tweet but didn’t consider it interesting enough to re-tweet it?!

Anyway, we had the blog for about eighteen months and then – despite our best marketing efforts (including a dodo that went on a trip to #CyberMummy) – the recession did a number on our business and we decided to close our shop. Sadly the blog went with it. I remember tearfully writing my last post feeling like I was losing not only my business but my whole online identity and my re-emerging writing passion too. I did consider starting up a new blog (I couldn’t keep the Little Dodo one going as it was tied in to our website etc.) but I think with all the emotional energy that goes along with shutting down a business, I didn’t really have the heart for it at the time.

So off went the business, away went the blogging (my husband archived the blog somewhere as we knew it was a great record of that time in our lives) and a couple of years went by. Years that involved, amongst other major happenings, a house move and my pregnancy with our third child. Then of course came the re-igniting of my writing passion and this blog came into being.

Anyway, why am I writing about this now? Well – apart from the fact that I’m a nostalgic person and love to reminisce about times gone by  – I’ve been wondering about what to do with my blog this summer. The boys have six weeks off school and I want to spend some lots of time with them where I don’t feel pressured to blog (I’m hardly the most prolific blogger but you’d be surprised how much of my head-space it can take up). Also, when I DO get the opportunity to write, I want to be able to focus on my creative writing rather than on blogging.

Chrissie and I have decided to take the summer off from #WhatImWriting so I’ve taken the pressure off there, but do I really want to post nothing here all summer? Not really. I’ll be posting another author interview here soon and I don’t really want it to be that and nothing else.

So I thought, ah ha! Maybe I could repost some of my posts from my old blog? And add a little ‘then vs now’ bit to them perhaps? I know I’d enjoy reliving a few of those moments especially as I haven’t so much as glimpsed the posts in nearly four years! So I might do that. If my husband can remember where he archived the blog to. And if I can do it without too much effort. It’s a kind of plan.

Apart from that my other summer goals are to finish my three picture books so I can start submitting them to agents and/or publishers in the autumn, and to write limericks for my limerick book whenever I can!

Oh, and to have fun of course. I hope you do too!

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new year

xmas morningHappy New Year everyone!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I’m still in a bit of a festive daze with my mind stuck back somewhere in the middle of last week. But it’s the second of January now so I thought it was time to post a little something in an attempt to re-boot my brain and my blog for 2015!

For the sake of my sluggish brain (and fingers) I’ll keep it brief. So here’s my summary of the festive period in the Bubble household:



















running (late)









catching memories

Our Happy Memories Jar

Our Happy Memories Jar 2014

I took a photo this morning of the jar that sits on our kitchen window sill. It’s an old-fashioned sweetie jar which we plan – as a family, over the course of 2014 – to fill with our happy memories. We keep a pile of pieces of coloured paper next to it which any of us can use, at any time, to record a happy memory, however small. That piece of paper is then dated, folded and popped in the jar. On New Year’s Eve we will take all the memories out and read them. I’m also planning on sticking them into a book so we can keep them forever.

I have to admit, this is not my own original idea, I’m honestly not sure sure where I first read about it although a quick google brings up lots of links to the idea from many different people, so tracking down its origins could be quite a task!

But I think it’s such a great idea that I wanted to share it! It’s the sort of thing that would be completely unique to every family.

My six-year-old has already added lots of memories, usually with little pictures too. Some describe days out, some are just tiny moments like cuddles. I haven’t seen everything he’s written as we thought we’d try and surprise each other too.

My four-year-old son is just learning to write, but has managed to write two memories, each of which have had just three words “mee and …” and then his brothers’ names. He has a big brother and a baby brother and I think it’s so touching that he has chosen to write about just being with them. Ok, maybe he can’t write much more (he’s only four-and-a-bit!) but it still seems lovely to me (doting mother that I am!)

I think it’s going to be great to see his writing improve as the year goes by. His older brother’s too. I’m not sure what the baby is going to add yet… perhaps he can drool on a piece of paper… or gnaw a bit to commemorate cutting his first tooth?!

I particularly love this jar because – as any parent knows – family life is not always easy, but seeing this jar with its ever-growing pile colourful paper is a reminder of the good stuff even after a sleepless night, when I’m knee-high in washing and surrounded by grumpy kids flicking Shreddies at each other.

Bringing up kids can be tough, but there are always magic moments to record!

I’m linking this up with Magic Moments over at Jaime Oliver’s blog.