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limerick challenge #17


A smiling jaguar (as imagined by a four-year-old).

Over at Mumturnedmom this week The Prompt is one word: Brief. A single glance at this gave me the nudge I needed to write another limerick (limericks being brief y’see).

I went through a phase a while back of writing one every week - my sons would choose the theme, I would write a limerick and they would illustrate it – but I haven’t written one for a while. The boys have been asking me to write about a jaguar recently, so yesterday I finally got round to it:


A vocally talented jaguar

With a popular musical repertoire

Performed with perfection

Hits by One Direction

And soon was renowned as a superstar.

Jaguar singing One Direction songs on stage under a disco light

A jaguar singing One Direction songs on stage under disco lights as a spellbound audience looks on.


The boys were thrilled by the One Direction reference – they dance around the kitchen singing their songs a lot!

All together now: “You don’t know you’re beautiful…”



limerick challenge #16

A couple of days ago the boys asked me to write a limerick about a chameleon. This is what I came up with (please forgive the dodgy rhymes, ‘chameleon’ is a tough one!):


I once met a sporty chameleon

Who boasted: “You know, I can REALLY run!

I’d beat you hands down

In a race round this town

With my powerful legs and my steely bum!”


boastful chameleon on confused by failure.

boastful chameleon confused by failure.


My just-turned-seven-year-old drew the picture above to go with it. When I asked why the chameleon was losing (I assumed he would win the race) he said “Because he’s a show-off and show-off’s never win. Even when they win they really lose because they’re showing off and no one likes that.”

I rather like this idea- that winning is more than just coming first; if no one is happy for you or likes you then you ultimately lose. But because it was breakfast time and I couldn’t really get my head round the philosophical standpoint, I decided to write another limerick to tell the rest of the tale and make sure that Mr Boastful Chameleon got his just desserts in a straightforward way:


So the show-off and I had a race

“I’ll win!” he said “I’ll get first place!”

But three steps from the line

Success became mine

When he tripped and fell flat on his face!


This is the first time I’ve written limericks that follow on from each other. Maybe I could write a story in limerick form at some point? Or would that be mad? I suspect my sons would love it though!

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limerick challenge #15

Zebra (carrying baby zebra)

Zebra (carrying baby zebra)

It’s been nearly a month since my last limerick challenge! How did that happen?!

Today’s limerick has actually been brewing for a long time since the boys first asked me to write one about a zebra about three months ago. But what on earth rhymes with zebra? Deborah and then, well, pretty much nothing (although I discovered ’cause celebre’ via an online search). I just couldn’t make it work.

Then the other day I decided that there was no need to rhyme the actual word zebra as long as the limerick was about some of the attributes of a zebra, and so the the following limerick was born:


A tap-dancing zebra named Claire

Gave recitals beyond all compare

For under stage lights

Her contrasting stripes

Made it seem she was only half there!

partially visible zebra dancing on stage

partially visible zebra dancing on stage

As always, the boys illustrated the limerick for me. My 4yo drew the picture at the top. He loves babies so insisted it had to be of a mummy and a baby zebra. My 6yo did the drawing directly above. He’s learning about pointillism in school and decided a half-visible zebra was the perfect subject matter for a picture made entirely of dots!

I’ll try not to leave a month between limericks next time!

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limerick challenge #14

Possibly the worlds fattest kitten

A very fat kitten wearing an amazing hat.

I’ve been really focused on writing my novel recently but I felt like it was time for a little break and a Limerick Challenge. My sons were undecided as to whether to choose ‘a kitten’ as a subject for a limerick or ‘Yoda’. So I gave them both, thus earning myself some (sorely-needed) mum points! Here’s my limerick:


There once was a starstruck young kitten

Who with Yoda from Star Wars was smitten

“He’s gorgeous!” she said

“With his hairy, green head.”

By the love bug she’d surely been bitten!


Kitten proposing to Yoda. Thankfully he accepts!

As always, the boys illustrated the limerick. Having seen these drawings, I’m not entirely sure they know what a kitten looks like but I do like the marriage proposal!

limerick challenge #13

panda 2

It’s been nearly two weeks since my last limerick challenge and yesterday I suddenly found myself with itchy limerick-writing-fingers! My sons chose a panda as my subject. I have to admit, I didn’t write a particularly child-friendly limerick (no mentions of bottoms or snot!) but the boys were still happy to draw pictures of pandas for me. The 4yo’s effort (above) does look rather more like a demonic puppy though… perhaps that could be the subject of a future poem?


There was an unfortunate panda

Whose parents-in-law couldn’t stand her

“Oh Steve!” they’d exclaim

To their son of that name,

“We preferred your LAST girlfriend: Miranda!”



limerick challenge #12

So here we are, a mere six days from my decision not to take part in any blog hops at all for a whole month and I’m already linking up with Prose for Thought!

This really is the last time (for a month) though. The thing is, having accidentally forgotten to do my weekly limerick challenge on Monday – leading to my decision to switch to doing that on an ad hoc basis – the boys suddenly got really keen for me to write one. They spent a couple of days flinging suggestions at me: ‘a kitten!’, ‘a rhino!’, ‘an armadillo!’ ’till my brain finally stopped spinning and I wrote a couple.

Since I’ve written them and it’s a Thursday (and I love #Prose4T) I figured I will linkup. But that is IT. No more blog-hopping in May. I need to dedicate more time to creative writing and less time to blogging if I’m ever going to get anywhere with the humungous task of writing a book.

Anyway, enough preamble. Two baboon limericks. Illustrations by my boys as usual:


There was an unlucky baboon

With a bum like a shrivelled balloon

Sometimes he would hate it

Till he learned to inflate it

And bounced spacehopper-style round the room


bouncing baboon with baby bouncing baboon (my 4yo loves babies!)

bouncing baboon (with baby bouncing baboon!)


A young and ambitious baboon

Built a rocket to fly to the moon

But he had no knowledge

Of engine hydraulics

And thus the whole project was doom(ed)


Baboon with his (rather fetching ) pink rocket.

Baboon with his (rather fetching ) pink rocket.


Prose for Thought


I sat down to do some work this morning with a nagging feeling I’d forgotten to do something. Half an hour later it suddenly hit me: I’d completely failed to do my limerick challenge this week! We’ve had a busy weekend with two kids parties and a cinema trip – amongst all the usual comings and goings – and it just slipped my mind. And the boys minds too (they’re normally quite keen to remind me and suggest a theme)!

But it got me thinking. I wrote a post on Friday about needing to blog less in order to have more time for creative writing. I decided to stop blog hops and my Thursday Prose for Thought post (even though I love doing it) for the next month but planned on continuing with my weekly limericks. They don’t take much time and they’re fun after all. But forgetting to write one yesterday was – I now realise – a bit of a relief. The fact that I wasn’t faffing around photographing the kids art work and then fighting with WordPress (over its insistence on formatting things wrongly) meant I got to watch some ‘Parks and Recreation’ (love it – v funny) and then get an early night which I REALLY needed.

So, I’m now thinking I’ll just do the limericks on an ad hoc basis. If the kids are keen and I’m not too knackered I’ll write one, but I’ll remove the pressure to publish one every Monday.


limerick challenge #11



For this week’s limerick challenge my sons asked me to write about a kangaroo. I actually wrote two limericks and will admit that the one below wasn’t their favourite, but I decided that one was just too gross to publish! We settled on one which is a compromise between their desire for something disgusting and my desire for something… else.

Both the pictures are by my six-year-old this week. His little brother was keen to illustrate the final line but he seems to have a growing perfectionist streak and threw his drawings away because they kept ‘going wrong’! Anyway, here’s our limerick:

An adventurous chef kangaroo

Concocted a new type of stew

Full of all odds and ends

Which she fed to her friends…

Who then spent all night long on the loo.

kangeroo cooking a stew (with a joey in her pouch)

kangaroo cooking a stew (with a joey in her pouch)

limerick challenge #10

This is week ten of my limerick challenge which feels like something of a milestone… we’re into the double digits now!

My challenge this week was to write about a bear which, thankfully, was another straightforward rhyme (I’m fully expecting another tricky one soon!) I wrote it – with the boys’ help – in the car on Friday then forgot all about it until we were about to go out today to take them to their grandparents for a few days.

“Oh no!” I said, “You haven’t drawn me a picture yet!” so my six-year-old hurriedly did one. There was no time for his little brother to do any drawing though, so this week’s post is a bit light on illustrations. Here’s the limerick anyway:


A trend-setting, young grizzly bear

Who was bored of his straight, mid-brown hair

Said “A purple bouffant

Is the hairstyle I want!”

The results really made people stare!


image (25)

bold bouffanted bear

limerick challenge #9



You get two for the price of one in this week’s limerick challenge! My sons wanted me to write about an owl and I came up with two different limericks (owls must be easier to write about as some weeks I struggle to write a limerick at all!) They couldn’t agree which one they liked though: my six-year-old liked the first one (below) but my four-year-old said it was ‘too sad for the baby owl’ (he’s very sensitive to the emotions of babies at the moment!) and preferred the second one.

So I decided I might as well post them both. The boys drew illustrations as usual, each one illustrating their preferred limerick. My four-year-old also drew the picture at the top of the post.

Here’s my six-year-old’s choice of owl limerick:


A rather confused baby owl

Believed he was a waterfowl 

“You’re no duck!” said his dad

But his son looked so sad

That he dug him a pond (with a trowel)


Baby owl stnading by this pond and thanking his dad (who call's 'That's ok' from his hole in the tree)

Baby owl standing happily by his newly-dug pond.


My son put such a positive spin on the limerick in his picture – with the way that father and son have bonded over the pond – that even his little brother approved! He still preferred this limerick though:


There once was a tone-deaf old owl

Whose vocals would make his friends howl

“Oh Howard!” they’d shriek

When he opened his beak

“Do keep quiet, your singing is foul!”

Owl singing a One Direction Song...

Owl singing a One Direction Song…

It’s not the easiest thing to read (he’s only 4 1/2 and just learning to write) but it says “Oh yeah. Because we danced all night to the best song ever”. Needless-to-say it was his idea that Howard the Owl would be singing that song- not mine!

Am rather proud of their drawings (and writing) this week so am linking up with mini creations over at KidGLLoves


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