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toddler ‘nose’ best

We’re a week into March so sunny days are here, and they’re here to stay!

Aren’t they? Well, no:
snowYes, a couple of days ago, we actually had snow. A full-on blizzard in fact! My toddler was thrilled and rushed to the window. Perched on a chair, he gazed out shouting, “It nosing, Mummy, it nosing! The nose is zooming down!”

My heart melted.

Thankfully, so did the snow.

Little Hearts, Big Love

toddler talk

My toddler’s language is developing at quite a pace. We have whole conversations now and, despite the fact he only turned two last week, he’s already commenting on my outfit choices. ;)

toy car

Toddler: *pointing at the front of my top* “Yook! Wheels!”

Me: “What’s that? … Oh I see, they’re buttons poppet.”

Toddler *examining toy car in his hands and holding it next to the buttons* “Wheels! Yots and yots o’ wheels!”

Me: “Yes, I can see what you mean; the buttons are the same size and colour as the wheels on your car… but they’re buttons.

Toddler: *shakes head firmly* “No. Wheels. Wheels Mummy.”

Me “You’re right, clever boy, they look like wheels but they’re actually buttons. Buttons.”

Toddler: “Shhhhh! WHEELS!”

Me: *gives up*


I actually rather like the idea of having a host of spare wheels on my top. My toddler LOVES cars so it’s good to be prepared for a toy-related emergency!


Little Hearts, Big Love


When my eldest son had just turned two I made a list of words and phrases he was using at the time. He was at such a gorgeous stage of language development and I didn’t want to forget any of those adorable utterances. The list was in a lovely notebook which I intended to continue using, adding to the list over time.

Did I do this? Nope. Can I find the lovely notebook? No such luck.


Since I’m massively prone to mislaying things in a huge heap of ‘important stuff I mustn’t lose’, I’ve decided that the best place to keep such notes these days is right here on this blog.

My eldest is now seven so his days of delightful language grappling are long gone. My youngest though is not quite two and has hit a lovely stage where every day he’s trying out more sentences. Here are some from this week:

“I eating beebees o bebuts.” = I’m eating (Rice) Crispies for breakfast. (Said with a huge grin as he LOVES Rice Crispies!)

“Mummy, why oo slippin?” = Mummy, why (are) you sleeping? (Standing by the bed in the morning, much keener to start the day than I was!)

“i dissy boon?” = Is this a spoon? (I was putting cutlery away and he was keen to point out what everything was).

He also asks “Where oo goin?” and “What oo doin?” a lot at the moment – he’s full of questions!

Finally, my favourite word of his at the moment is ewawas for pyjamas… on which note, it’s been a really long week and I’m shattered so I’m off to bed!

Little Hearts, Big Love

piranha care


Artist’s impression of a piranha… oh ok, MY impression of a piranha. I never said I could draw.

My boys sing a lot – all manner of things from ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, to ‘The Final Countdown’ to Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’. Many of the songs my older two (seven and five) sing are ones they’ve learned at school – often songs about recycling or friendship or, given that our village school is C of E, hymns. A favourite one a while back was a version of the Lord’s Prayer which my then-four-year-old managed to mishear in quite spectacular fashion. So far I’ve failed to write it down anywhere so I thought I’d blog about it now, as I really don’t want to forget it!

The correct words to the hymn are: “Our Father, who is in heaven, may your name be honoured and praised.”

My son’s version is slightly more… interesting. Wandering round the house one day I overheard him singing enthusiastically:

“Our Father who works in heaven, may you maim piranhas wrong way!”

I could just imagine him singing that at school – he’s a really enthusiastic singer too so I can clearly see him sitting on the front row and belting it out joyfully. I could hardly bring myself to correct him.

Is there a right way to maim piranhas do you suppose? Answers on a postcard…

Little Hearts, Big Love