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escape – #whatimwriting

It’s 10.40 on a Tuesday morning and I haven’t written my #WhatImWriting post yet! This isn’t like me, it’s normally written and scheduled for 6.55 am by the time I got to bed on Monday night.sad rose

But this hasn’t been a week (or two) of sticking to routines, it’s been a fortnight of running from pillar to post and coping with three kids (one with an ear infection), the house, work stuff and an ill husband all by myself. I’ve known my husband for twenty years and I’ve never seen him in such a bad way as he was last week. He had hand, foot and mouth disease and tonsillitis and the combination basically meant he could barely eat, sleep, talk or move. It was pretty awful. Thankfully he is now on the mend but it’s left the pair of us pretty knackered.

But we all got through it and although I may have dropped a couple of balls along the way, in general I think I managed to keep most of them in the air and juggled them into the right position! Phew.

Weirdly (is it weird? I dunno) the blog posts I wrote while this was all going on made no mention of any of it. It was just business as usual as far as the blog was concerned. I admit I avoided anything personal – my last #WhatImWriting post was a jokey quiz rather than saying anything about my actual writing week –  but then that’s not too unusual for me anyway. Funny thing was, blogging that way made me feel better. I always thought blogging could be cathartic because of the potential to share stuff but last week I found the catharsis was there by having an area of my life that kept up appearances and continued regardless. Not to mention the fact that two of the posts I wrote – an alphabet story and a piece of micro fiction –  were creative. The fictional world was my escape!

Anyway, as you may imagine, I haven’t done much other writing recently. I’m nowhere near the goal I set myself of having three picture book manuscripts ready for submission by the end of Feb. It’s disappointing but I have to cut myself some slack. I can’t do everything.

Better go –  it’s half term and the kids are milling around. Have lovely, healthy weeks everyone!