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Last week I was wondering about whether holding back, trying to find a middle ground and not wanting to be controversial was making my blog bland. The post seemed to strike a chord with people and I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who commented and for all the support – it was interesting to hear all your thoughts on the matter and very affirming too. I now feel stronger in my certainty about only sharing what I’m comfortable with and, funnily enough, I also feel that maybe I will be able to share more in future without scaring myself silly.


Mostly though, your comments reminded me of the most important aspect of blogging to me –the connection to a community. I may not be blazing an exciting trail to blog fame, fortune and immortality but I have made some lovely friends and that means so much to me, SO much.

When I started Writing Bubble the blogosphere was pretty much unknown to me – the world of writing too. It felt like walking into a party and not knowing anyone and having to hang out by the snacks nervously sipping slightly-suspect punch.  But then I got chatting to one or two people and wandered out into the room a bit. I met more people –  lovely, like-minded people. Then someone handed me some decent wine and I chatted some more. Had a laugh. When the lights went down I even had a bit of a dance. Now I’m happy at the party and feel like whatever goes on (and unfortunately it’s not always lovely at this particular event) I have my friends. They rock. You rock.

Which brings me to now. And it’s all very exciting because this weekend the party gets real (kind of) – we’re having a #WhatImWriting meet up! It’s been months in the planning and I’m so looking forward to meeting some of the lovely people who I’ve got to know in blog-land over the past year or so. So often I’ve read posts and commented “I wish we could sit down and have a big chat over coffee!” and now, finally, we are!

I’m a little nervous too of course. This is a whole new thing. Apart from a long ago meeting with Rosie Scribble (back in my previous life when I had a whole other blog) and meeting Sadie Hanson at the Writer’s Festival last month, I’ve never met online friends. I’ve certainly never met a group of them at the same time. And it’s not just popping along for a chat over coffee either, it’s a weekend away from home and a trip to London which, for someone who lives on a Northumbrian hillside and is mostly surrounded by a herd of small boys, is quite a big deal.

But I know it will be fab. I get to talk writing with other writers: what could be better than that? Oh, I know – talking writing (and much more besides) with writers who I’ve come to think of as friends. Friends whose lovely words have inspired and motivated me over the last few years.

I can’t wait!