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jasper mountain

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been pondering a few issues to do with my writing/blogging. A major issue was to do with finding time, amidst the chaos of life, to write some short stories I’ve had rattling around in my head and to work on my novel which had stagnated at Chapter Two!

Last Friday I decided to set myself the challenge of finding two hours in every day to write creatively – specifically prose – and to do this before any blogging (or blogging-related activities) in any day in order to prioritise that.

So, did I manage it?

Well, pretty much yes! My weekend target was met all in a rush on Sunday night then on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I managed to divide my writing time between baby-nap-time and the evening (when the kids are all in bed). Last night – having squandered nap-time by falling face first onto the bed the moment the baby was asleep and sleeping as well –  I wrote for two hours in the evening.

I did cheat and do a bit of blogging during the day some days, basically because I realised I can fit the odd bit of tweeting and commenting into random snatches of time which I can’t really do with ‘proper’ writing so it seemed silly to waste the opportunity. But I still feel I prioritised the creative writing as I promised.

Things that were achieved in this week of writing:

  • I finished a short story that had been paused at its third paragraph since Christmas. It’s not perfect, but is at least at the point where I’m now able to leave it for a while before coming back to it and making changes.
  • I’ve written Chapter Three of my book! It’s now just over 6000 words long. And I know that’s a tiny number of words to have written out of a whole book but at least it’s progress!
  • I spent some time on a few other short stories. They may or may not come to anything but at least I had a go.

The downsides (yes, I’m afraid there were some!):

  • I’ve practically ignored my husband all week as every evening has been spent tap-tapping away at my keyboard
  • I’m REALLY tired because I’ve been unable to get an early night and the baby hasn’t been sleeping well.
  • My social life has suffered – I’ve wanted to email various friends but not had time, I’ve not been able to chat to my Facebook book group (which doubles as a general gossip group!) when I’ve wanted, and I’ve been dashing home from the school run to write rather than having a chat at the school gates.
  • I’ve failed to sort out the mortgage, pay my credit card bill or do various other admin stuff and my inbox is overflowing with things that I’ve not had time to tackle.
  • The house is messy. Ok, messier than I want it to be because I am a control freak and need a tidy house!
  • I haven’t read as much (I’m a bit of a book worm).
  • I haven’t watched the final two episodes of The Bridge and I really want to!
  • Because of all the above I’m grumpier than normal which is not ideal from a parenting perspective.
  • Oh, and I really need to phone my Gran!

Who knew that those two hours were so crucial to my life? I had no idea that using them entirely for writing would mean so many other things falling by the wayside!

So, it was an interesting experiment and I’m really glad I did it, but I’m not going to keep up the routine.

Is that bad? Does it suggest I’m not dedicated enough to writing? I don’t know… I just feel like there’s so much to juggle and I want to get the right balance and this week has felt a bit ‘off’.

Next week’s challenge:

One hour a day of creative writing.

AND I had such fun writing limericks with my family at the weekend that I’ve decided to set myself the ongoing challenge of writing one over the weekend and publishing it on my blog on a Monday. I love limericks and using the kids for inspiration felt like a really positive thing to do. So check back here on Monday for a much shorter post!

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spooky fun

halloween pumpkins


Three carved pumpkins sitting on a ledge

three carved pumpkins sitting on a ledge

and if one carved pumpkin should fall over the edge

there’ll be two carved pumpkins

and a pile of roasted veg.

This post is part of Tara Cain’s Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. This week’s theme (as you can probably guess!) is ‘Halloween’. Why not pop over there to see Tara’s spooky pumpkin and follow the links for other Halloween photos!