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the ups and downs of the week that was

It’s been a busy week this week – I’ve barely blogged at all. It’s been one of those periods where I’ve done lots and gained plenty of inspiration for posts, but for one reason or another the posts don’t get written. But as it’s a Sunday night and I still have (just) enough energy to wave my fingers in the direction of computer keys in a way that may result in words, I thought I’d do a quick roundup of the most memorable parts of the week:

My boys - a moment of brotherly love on a walk.

My boys – a moment of brotherly love on a walk.

  • Along with lots of other parents and carers, I went in to school to do some cooking with my six-year-old and his class. We made a variety of different things, the kids loved having us there and it’s such a positive thing to get parents/carers engaged with school and learning I think. I do wonder how often the school will be able to hold sessions like this in the future though, given the government’s focus on children being able to give the proper description to grammatical utterances and deduce complicated mathematics from lengthy stories. There’s a ranty blog post about ridiculous educational standards and the potential impact on children’s self-esteem building up in me…
  • I was witness to a horrible bullying incident and ended up – along with another parent – comforting a young boy and talking to all his friends about how the bully had been treating him. So I saw both a horrible display of lack of empathy (from the bully) and a touching display of empathetic concern from a group of boys. It’s stayed with me (the poor kid was so upset) and I’ll be taking further action to try and ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  • I went to my Grandma’s eighty-seventh birthday party. She’s increasingly frail these days so we were all thrilled that she was able to come to what was quite a large family meal in a lovely hotel. There was much talking and laughing over delicious food and wine but the moment that affected me most during the whole evening was a little look I caught between my Grandma and my ninety-two-year-old Grandpa. It was just after my Grandma had said a little ‘thank you’ speech about how happy she was to see us all there, and the look… it was a look of such love. Of long lasting ‘I’ve loved you through the decades and look what we’ve created together’ love. I was quite bowled over. They’ve been married for sixty-six years. Being with the same person for years and years isn’t always easy – I think we all go through our highs and lows – but that look said it all. That’s love, that.
  • I got to spend some time with my brothers. I love my brothers. There is definitely a post I need to write about how having brothers helps me be a mum to boys.

Lots more happened but I’ll leave it at that as I want to watch some telly (from one screen to another, yes I know, it’ll rot my brain!)

Hope you’ve had good weeks!


boys at goats

My Brother

We’ve gazed from mountains
side by side,
built towering forts
near rising tides.
We’ve constructed dens,
dammed tumbling streams,
walked up fells
and climbed huge trees.

You’ve made me laugh
and driven me mad,
teased me, tickled me
made me sad,

competed with me,
urged me on
challenged me,
defeated me,
made me strong

held my hand
and walked beside me
hugged me tight
been there to guide me.

My loyal supporter
like no other
A companion for life,
my friend

My brother


This poem was inspired by The Prompt at Mum Turned Mom. This week it was a quote:

“The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out of his nose.”

Garrison Keillor

This quote instantly made me think of sibling bonds. I have three sons and two brothers and I wrote this poem with all of them in mind. Many of my favourite childhood memories revolve around my brothers and one of my favourite aspects of motherhood is watching the bond between my sons.

Sibling relationships can be complicated: it’s not all ‘sunshine and lollipops’ and I’ve broken up and been part of many a sibling battle in my time! But, no matter what, I know my sons love each other and wouldn’t be without each other which is just how I feel about my brothers. My poem was trying, in some small way, to pay tribute to all my lovely boys, big and small.