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Illustration news!

I’ve been quiet online recently for various reasons but, listen up, I’ve got some exciting news to share!

Remember how I said I’d been working on an illustration commission? Well, I can now announce that ‘The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants‘ by Nikki Young will be published on April 28th, complete with illustrations from my very own pen!

Nikki’s book is aimed at 9 – 11 year olds and centres on Harry, his best mate James and neighbour Stacey who form a spy club and spend their summer holidays solving mysteries. Things start off fun and light-hearted but then events take a sinister turn…

You can find out more about the book (and see my own review of it) here but I can certainly recommend it. My nine-year-old son is desperate to read it and I can’t wait to give him a copy!

dog and people final for instagram


Nikki has also written a short story introducing the characters from her novel. This is called ‘A Special Day’ and is available as a FREE ebook over on Nikki’s website with cover illustrations by yours truly. Why not pop over for a read?

I’ve loved creating the illustrations for both books, and working with Nikki was a joy. I can’t wait to attend the launch of ‘Underpants’ (as it is affectionately known) next month! It might be worth keeping an eye on my instagram feed as I practice making underpants-themed cupcakes… undercakes? Cup pants? Erm… maybe I’ll just stick to biscuits.

#WhatImWriting announcement

It’s time for a little change at ‘What I’m Writing’ HQ. Chrissie and I have loved hosting our linky together for the last fifteen months but regular readers may have noticed that my once-prolific co-host has been rather quiet of late. She’s incredibly busy with work and kids and likes to fill all the (teeny) gaps in her schedule with novel-writing (a little birdy told me she just won another NaNo! GET IN!) which doesn’t leave much time for blogging.

coloured pencils

coloured pencils – because why not?

Anyway, I’ll leave any more lengthy explanations to Chrissie herself but suffice to say we’ve decided that I’ll be hosting the linky on my own from now on. Which I’m happy with as I’m hooked on writing my weekly post to link up anyway. ‘What I’m Writing’ keeps me focussed. Not that my recent posts are necessarily about writing, strictly speaking, but I do think it’s an excellent discipline to make sure I’ve got a post written in time for every Tuesday. I’ve been so pushed for time recently it’s usually the only post I manage all week!

Having said that, in the past seven days I’ve published three! My Blogfest roundup, a post about gratitude (inspired by a panellist at the conference encouraging women to stop saying thank you so often. Go figure.) along with one about polar bears and parenting. And I’ve somehow squeezed in this month’s poetry and prose round-up for BritMums in the past few days too. Wowzers.

But now it’s really late at night and I have to get to bed. This post was really just to update you on the linky and point those delightful people who display my badge on their blog, in the direction of the new, updated version. This one has a ‘no follow link’ because apparently you’re supposed to add those to linky badges now or google sends you to jail or something. I have no idea.

And on that note… zzzzz

Writing Bubble

writing linky!

typewriter butterflies badgeI’m really excited to tell you about a new linky I’m (jointly) starting next week. It’s called ‘What I’m Writing’ and it’s for all you fellow writers, poets and bloggers out there.

Regular readers will know that I love writing. I also love writing about writing and this blog is full of posts about writing challenges I’ve set myself, my aspirations, moments of self-doubt, successes and knock-backs. If it’s about writing and I’m thinking it, then it’s usually here.

I also love reading about other people’s writing, whether it’s to feel inspired by their success or to read about their doubts and moments of writer’s block and think ‘Phew, it’s not just me!’ And I like to be a supportive commenter, in fact that’s one of the most important things about blogging to me – the community.

In all these things I know I am not alone – pondering and procrastinating seems to be part of being a writer!

So with all of this in mind, Chrissie from Muddled Manuscript and I have decided to start our ‘What I’m Writing’ linky to share all these sorts of posts. We hope to grow a community of writers who can support each other, cheer each other on and generally help us all feel we are not alone. So whether you’re a published writer or just nervously putting pen to paper for the first time (or anything in between), and whatever it is you’re working on whether it’s novels, short stories, poetry, scriptwriting or blog posts… we’d love to read about it.

The linky will be every Tuesday and alternate between our two blogs. We’ll be posting a monthly prompt too which we hope will spark discussion and get us all on the same page.

It’s launching on Tuesday 9th September (a week today !) We’d love to see you there!