It was a beautiful summer’s day. The deep azure sky was flecked with only the fluffiest of clouds and the birch trees shimmered and shuffled their leaves in a gentle breeze. Alice sat on the edge of the lawn with her bare legs stretched out in front of her. Before her, the grass was a deep green and the sweetly-scented geraniums that swept across the flowerbeds around her drenched the scene with vibrant pink.

The sun was warm on her back as she watched her younger brothers and sister running around the garden. They were spraying each other with water and the air was filled with laughter. Alice tilted her face to the sun and felt contentment wash over her.

But a sudden chill wind disturbed her reverie. It swept across her, carrying away the shouts of her siblings and washing colour from the trees, the grass and the sky. In moments, summer had dissolved.

Alice blinked. From her bed she could see the ward door swinging shut sending another draft of cold air over her. Her frail hands clutched at the blankets as she gently eased herself further under them. She didn’t want to be here. Not in this hospital. Not old and ill and alone.

And yet there was comfort for, even seventy years on, her memories remained as clear cut as the day they were formed. Nested under her covers once more, Alice closed her eyes and smiled. It was a beautiful summer’s day.

Written in response to #ThePrompt over at Mumturnedmom. This week it was “Memories of Summer.”


12 thoughts on “summer

  1. Mummy Tries

    Goose bump alert… lovely bit of writing hon. I guess it’s inconceivable to think anyone would end up old, ill and alone when they’re young and carefree! xx #ThePrompt

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks! I know – I didn’t want to have Alice end up alone but I thought it made the memory more poignant to have it that way. Am almost tempted to write an alternative ending where her grandchildren burst in and bounce on the bed…

  2. Sophie Is...

    Such an effective change of direction! Your writing in the first couple of paragraphs had lulled me into a false sense of security so I really felt for Alice when reality kicked in. Impressive in such a short piece :) #theprompt

  3. Chrissie Metcalf (Kristina)

    Lovely writing, as always. Flash fiction works well for you. Wonderful contrast between the warmth of the memories and the chill of the hospital ward x


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