sleep deprivation

I think my baby may have been reading my posts. The moment I decided to start blogging, he promptly decided to stop sleeping. Actually, ‘stop sleeping’ isn’t really the right phrase to use at it implies that he slept in the first place, which he didn’t really. These last few nights have been particularly bad though; a haze of screaming, feeding, crying and stumbling between rooms moaning. And most of those were me.

This has left me dragging myself through the days and collapsing into bed the moment all the kids are down in the evening, none of which leaves any time for writing, let alone blogging. Gah.

I’m not saying I can’t write when I’m tired but at the moment the urge to sleep is pretty overwhelming and when I do write I struggle to remember words, let alone put together sentences! My brain feels like a tea bag that’s been used to make far too many cups of tea; all soggy and wrinkled and devoid of flavour.

Sorry, I don’t mean to whinge. That’s just where I’m at at the moment. It won’t last. These teeth – if teething is the issue – must work their way through soon… surely?

Until then, I guess I’ll just pour myself another pint of tea and hope I can stay awake long enough to finish this blog p… *snore*

2 thoughts on “sleep deprivation

  1. Rosie Scribble

    Sleep deprivation is an absolute killer. And so depressing. I just can’t function at all if I haven’t slept well and see the negative in everything, which is even more depressing. Hang in there. These early years do pass. It’s worrying about secondary schools that keeps me awake now!

  2. Maddy Post author

    I can hardly imagine any of my boys starting secondary school… but given how fast time goes, it might well happen tomorrow! I really can’t wait to sleep though the night though. Why do the wakeful hours of the night go so slowly when the rest of his babyhood shoots by so fast?!


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