An Ode to Sick

I’m very tired this morning due to being up most of the night with the youngest. There was much washing involved. Bleurgh.

I wrote the above in my head while sitting in the dark by the cot trying to get him to go back to sleep. Apologies for the bad photo. Too tired to try and take a better one.

Linking up with Friday Fiction… even though it’s a poem (not a story) and it’s more fact than fiction!

Nikki Young Writes

14 thoughts on “sickness

  1. Chrissie Metcalf (Kristina)

    You’re not having much luck avoiding it at the moment, are you? Hope he gets better soon and its not contagious. xx
    (The poem is fab btw.)

    1. Maddy Post author

      Tell me about it – three bouts in the last six weeks! Normally, between us we got one vomiting bug every couple of years! Am washing and disinfecting all over again! He seems fine this morning though… maybe he ate something dodgy? Who knows… Thanks anyway! xxx

  2. Iona@redpeffer

    I’m so sorry, you’re not having much luck with the sickness bugs are you? I should imagine every parent will be sending you tea and sympathy having been there many times themselves. And I’m so impressed you even managed to write the poem at all!

  3. Sophie Lovett

    This is great! Brilliant subtle rhyme and just the right level of humour for dealing with an icky (sorry…) situation. The structure’s really effective too. I just hope sickness gets the message! xx


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