We’ve had a lot of sunshine recently. It’s been wonderful – I’ve been making the most of it and sitting in the garden as much as I can. Sometimes, when I have documents to read on my laptop, it’s not really ideal but I’d rather squint at a screen with the sun on my back and grass between my toes than stay indoors. I love writing outside too – I feel surrounded by inspiration, like it could drift in on the breeze, burrow its way out of the ground or clamber in over a nearby fence to surprise me.rain

But then a few days ago we had a sudden torrential downpour. Dark clouds raced across the sky trampling out all the blue and, in moments, down came the rain. Huge hammering pellets, blistering their way across pavements and hurling themselves into thirsty soil. It reminded me how much I love it: Proper rain. Not that kind of endless drizzle that seems to settle itself here in autumn for weeks on end, but the real stuff. The type that comes along and forcefully washes the air clean before going on its way leaving only that gorgeous fresh, earthy sort of smell behind.

As well, of course, as puddles. And who doesn’t like jumping in them?!

All of which is is a roundabout way of saying: “I wrote a haiku about puddle-jumping”.


Pools of fallen sky

collect in holes and hollows

for our joyful feet

Prose for Thought

6 thoughts on “puddles

  1. Chrissie Metcalf (Kristina)

    Jealous of your haiku skillz. Mine tend to be very silly (office tent for example). The rain has been mad here too, but our garden ends up flooded so we don’t appreciate it being too wet haha.

  2. Sadie Hanson

    Love this haiku :o)….. I’ve really been getting in my garden too, and really enjoying the sunshine – especially with a good book. And if we’ve had a decent amount of sunshine, I really appreciate a proper down fall with thunder and lightning! X

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Sadie! I think we’re lucky in this country to have the extremes of weather that we do. Rain is great after lot of sun and I doubly appreciate a sunny day after a rainy one. Have a lovely summer away from the blogosphere. x


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