Ron Swanson. Parks and Recreation

This quote pretty much sums up my approach this month. I’m blogging less in order to write (creatively) more. And d’you know what? So far it’s working. By whole-assing my creative writing I’ve written 6453 words (and counting) of my book in the last nine days. That’s nearly six-and-a-half thousand of my twenty-thousand word target for the month. I’m getting there!

I should whole-ass more things more often I think!

Oh, and if you’ve never watched Parks and Recreation: DO! It’s very funny.

4 thoughts on “progress

  1. Maddy Post author

    Thanks – it is satisfying to see the words going onto the screen. I know – given it’s a first draft – that I’ll end up ditching masses of them and rearranging a lot of the others but I do feel like I’m achieving something, at least!


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