This time last week I wrote a post about my crazy-busy week going to London, launching a campaign, blogging, working, writing, solo-parenting and the rest. I was exhausted by Sunday night and hoped this week would be quieter.
busy blogging imageWell it was… and it wasn’t. There were no exciting London trips this time, but my head is, if anything, even more full-to-bursting than it was a week ago. There’s been a lot to consider in the different parts of my life and blogging, in particular, is kind of taking over at the moment. That’s mostly due to the #THISislearning campaign but I’ve also been aware that I REALLY need to get round to reading and reviewing some books I’ve been sent, so have been frantically trying to read for that in every available gap too.

Anyway, this weekend I finally managed to write a review of Runaway Girl by Emily Organ (recommended!) and have now started reading ‘The Pursuit of Happiness And Why It’s Making us Anxious’ by Ruth Whippman which is next on my list. So that’s progress! Hopefully it won’t be too long before I get on to ‘The Forgotten and the Fantastical 2′ anthology from Mother’s Milk Books – I’ve read one story from it and loved it, but I’ve been sidetracked since then.

In other (semi) good news, I’ve reached (actually, exceeded) my Campnanowrimo target. However, I only set myself a 5000 word goal because I meant this to be made up of blog posts and picture books, the latter of which tend to be very low on word count. Guess how many words of blog posts I’ve written (not including this one)? 7118.

Aaaand guess how many words of picture books I’ve written? Not. One Single. One. Which is not ideal. In fact, it’s so far from ideal that I’ve decided not to ‘validate’ my word count (which means you get a prize and a winners badge to put on your blog!) unless I write at least SOME of a picture book by the end of this month.

I’ve also set myself a new drawing challenge (because I thrive on pressure, see. (I really don’t, actually)) because all this blogging (and other life stuff) had totally dragged my away from my daily drawing practice, resulting in a total loss of confidence. So I’m now attempting to draw a picture for #THISislearning every day. So far, I’ve done two teeny cartoons. Here they are. As I say, I’ve totally lost confidence so I’m posting them here as a middle finger up to the self doubt demon who is biting my ear lobe (and not in a good way) as I write.

headstand cartoon


Anyway, it’s now late Monday night and I have a heap of commenting to catch up on so I’d best finish this off.

What are the chances that this coming week will be quieter? Well, I’m gearing up for #THISislearning and the Kids Strike on Tuesday so I’d say, not much chance at all.

I tell you what though, after May 3rd I’m taking a blog (and social-media) break of at LEAST a monthfortnight, week, day.

We’ll see.


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9 thoughts on “pressure

  1. Mummy Tries

    Ahhhh the double edged sword of blogging – being successful is all consuming and hard to switch off from. I’m struggling with it all big time at the mo. Very looking forward to having a two week break from it all when we are on holiday (from next weekend wooohooo) xxx

  2. Morgan Prince

    It sounds like things have been rather crazy for you lately! After a busy time I always say I’m taking a break, but it never happens. I just get right back to blogging like I did before. :)
    Your little drawings are great, well done for beating that self doubt demon.
    Morgan Prince recently posted…6 Outfits for Stylish BoysMy Profile

  3. teacuptoria

    And breathe! It’s all happening for you at the moment lovely! It sounds very exciting but it can be so demanding with a family to look after too. I’m sure you’ll keep all the plates spinning somehow. Just remember to look after you too. xx
    teacuptoria recently posted…Living With Stress & AnxietyMy Profile

  4. Rachael

    Wow, you’ve been busy! I can feel the pressure – a blog and social media break is well deserved… Your campaign for next week is brilliant though, hope it goes fantastically and then… Breathe! :)

  5. Turning Up In Devon

    Setting yourself the drawing project is such a good way of actually doing them and using the images. I often admire photography on blogs but I do love to see other forms of imagery, such as graphics and good old fashioned drawing. I must admit to doing all my blog illustrations digitally so I can erase mistakes (scared of real pens!!) I’ve only been blogging a short while but I can see why anyone doing it needs to take breaks to refresh or it’s possible to become a blogging android! Three day weekend coming up, yay! x

  6. Mama Not Dumber

    A busy but exciting week. Keep up the good work! The campaign sounds amazing. My eldest is only 3 years old so I’m not too clued up on the SATs, but I probably should be because it will affect him in the future.

    I am loving your drawings, please keep them coming! Xx
    Mama Not Dumber recently posted…When the Words Don’t FlowMy Profile

  7. Kamsin

    I regularly almost give up on blogging as the rest of life keeps getting busy despite my best laid plans to not over commit myself!
    Hope your campaign goes well. As the “Pursuit of happiness” book sounds like one I need to add to my reading list.
    Kamsin recently posted…How to honour life and writingMy Profile

  8. Sophie Lovett

    Hahahaha *insert slightly deranged laughter here* I know exactly how you feel… LOVING your #THISislearning drawings though – we really should use them to push the campaign I reckon! Good luck with getting a bit of picture book writing in there somewhere… xx
    Sophie Lovett recently posted…Animal magicMy Profile

  9. Sam

    Your cartoons are brilliant! You’re too hard on yourself :-) I can see why people take on these challenges like nanowrimo and your picture one too because I think maybe I would actually be banging out a lot more words if I felt I was being held to account and it was part of a personal goal but yes, piling the pressure on yourself is not always the way to true happiness! Really good luck with the #THISislearning campaign – I’m so pleased that it’s taken off with so much success already! X #thetruthabout
    Sam recently posted…Search for the heroMy Profile


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