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I’ve always loved that feeling of really getting drawn into a book – I love to be gripped by them and pulled along and emotionally entangled. When that happens to me, I usually read another book by the same author and if I like that too, I can end up quite a fan of theirs!

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I feel this way about Rosamund Lupton. I read her second novel – Afterwards – in 2013 and absolutely LOVED it. It’s a mystery/thriller told from the point of view of a woman in a coma whose disembodied spirit moves around the hospital, unobserved, trying to figure out who caused the fire that nearly killed her and her daughter. But WAIT, if I lost you at ‘disembodied spirit’, don’t decide this book isn’t for you because, honestly, I think that notion sounds a bit ridiculous too. There was just something about this book though that was really engaging and emotive. I wanted to solve the mystery but was also drawn in by the fact it had love at its core. It’s well worth reading.

Having loved her second novel I then launched into her first – Sister. This is another mystery/thriller about a woman whose world is turned upside down when she is informed her younger sister has gone missing. When she sets out to try to find her, she uncovers potentially sinister goings-on and discovers she didn’t know her sister as well as she thought she did. I didn’t love this as much as Afterwards but it  was still pacey and gripping. I was particularly impressed by the fact it’s Lupton’s first novel.

the quality of silenceThis summer, her third novel The Quality of Silence came out so obviously I snapped it up! It’s a thriller set in the frozen wilderness of Alaska where a little deaf girl Ruby and her mother travel the lonely (and horrendously treacherous) highways in search of Ruby’s father. The dark is suffocating, the cold outside the truck would kill them in minutes and all the time someone is watching them… but who? And why? This book was haunting and creepy and compelling and beautiful all rolled up in one quirky package and confirmed to me the talent of the author.

What I like so much about Rosamund Lupton’s books is that they’re not quite what you expect – even Sister which feels the most conventional of the three has… well I don’t want to give the game away! The author definitely has skill with both mystery and emotion. She has the ability to engage my mind and my heart which all my favourite books do. Go on, give one – or all three – a go!

What have you been reading? I’m always looking for recommendations!

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Linking with Friday Fiction and The Prompt – this week the theme is ‘slumber’ and this post (kind of) fits because I always read books before I go to sleep…


20 thoughts on “mysterious thrills

  1. Jo Winwood

    I too enjoyed Afterwards but have struggled with Sister – for some reason I find myself in tears and unable to keep reading. I’ve given it several goes but it upsets me too much – maybe I can’t bear the thought of anything happening to my sister. I’ll have to try again sometime and see if I can get beyond 50 pages before I start to weep!

    1. Maddy Post author

      I don’t have a sister so perhaps I was more protected from the emotion! Mind you, there was another awful loss she’d suffered which I don’t know if you’d got as far as reading. It was v sad in places! Thanks for commenting Jo.x

    1. Maddy Post author

      I thought it was a bit of a tenuous link Sara – I just wanted to link up so I figured it would do! Thanks for hosting. Do add Afterwards to you list, it’s so compelling! x

  2. Marija Smits

    Thanks for the recommendations; I always love to hear about authors that I hadn’t heard of before. My reading list is absolutely massive at the moment (and of course I’m reading manuscripts too for work) so right now I must admit that I’d simply enjoy watching a bit of telly! ;-)

  3. Mel

    I’ve read Sisters and oh my goodness did I love this book! I hadn’t heard of Rosamund Lupton in years. I will be off to Amazon right now to buy Afterwards. I might even start reading it tonight! #difflinky

  4. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    I like the sound of these, may have to add to them to my already treacherously high to-read pile!

    The disembodied spirit bit doesn’t put me off at all, I just read a murder story where one of the attempted victims is in a coma and has her own chapters – it gave an extra dimension that I really liked : )


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