This week The Prompt over at MumturnedMom is “Everything in Moderation.” In response I wrote this silly poem:

On Moderation

“Everything in Moderation”
Sounds a sensible quotation
Except if it means deprivation
Of types of sugary confection.
For if I had to keep away from
Items of a sweet persuasion
There would be much lamentation
And perhaps some aggravation.
So – I vote that moderation
Bears precisely no relation
To cakes and sweets of delectation
For that’s the way to satisfaction.

12 thoughts on “moderation

    1. Maddy Post author

      Yes I like to have something tasty on the go while I’m writing though I do have to exercise restriant! Moderation is really the ‘right’ option let’s face it – the poem just had other ideas when i was writing it. Thanks for commenting. Xx


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