magical zebras – things they say #5

When I was pregnant with my third child I looked forward to lots of things: baby snuggles – of course, gazing into my newborn’s eyes – naturally… having to change my bed sheets at 3am because the baby had vomited milk everywhere and obviously he was in my bed because it’s not like he’d sleep anywhere else – er, not so much.

But what I really couldn’t wait for was hearing him learn to talk. I’d been through this stage twice before with his older brothers and knew what fun it could bring.

dancing minions

And I’m pleased to say it’s lived up to expectations – my toddler is 2 1/2 now and makes me smile and laugh on a daily, if not hourly, basis with the things he comes out with.

A particular favourite of mine is his use of the word “awollawong” when requesting ‘another one’ of anything. Because he tends to want more of, well, most things this is something he says a lot! “Can have awollawong drink?”, “Peese have awollagwong Lego?” or just, “Mummy, I want awollawong!”. It’s one of those words I find myself using too – it rolls off the tongue nicely, try it!

Another of his toddlerisms regularly occurs when he tries to join in his older brothers’ games. Aged 8 and 6, they both love Harry Potter and often enact magical duels where they stand pointing wands (or pencils) at each other shouting various spells in ringing tones: “Stupify!” “Imperious!” “Avada Kedavra!”

Given his awe of his big bro’s, the toddler obviously joins in these duels too, to the best of his ability. He’s all wild enthusiasm and very little accuracy so he tends to charge into the fray bellowing spells at the top of his lungs. Maybe it’s because “Avada Kedavra” sounds so much like ‘abracadabra’ that it appeals to him, but that’s definitely his spell of choice. Only he gets it a bit wrong… off he rushes towards his brothers, pencil in hand, little voice exclaiming:

“I got it – a zebra!”

Who could resist a spell like that?

The good thing is, such linguistic silliness doesn’t end with the toddler years, as a recent conversation with my six-year-old showed me. We were discussing his school’s ‘no jewellery’ policy and his remark on the subject was:

“It doesn’t matter – I don’t really like jewellery anyway, I just like spare diamonds lying around.”

Well, I mean… don’t we all?!

Meanwhile, my eight-year-old obviously has talking down to a complex art (honestly, sometimes he just won’t STOP talking!) but even he is not immune to the odd mishearing:

8yo: “Today was brilliant!”

Me: “That’s great to hear!”

8yo: “Yes, I was so excited to see my friends that I got a dolphin mouth!”

Me: “Um… you got a… what?”

8yo: “You know… like you had after giving birth?”

Me: “Ummm…” *realisation dawns* “Oh! you mean an endorphin rush!”

Possibly my favourite mishearing ever – the idea of him running round with an enormous, bouncy dolphin nose really made me laugh… not to mention the image it created in my mind of me gazing fondly at a newborn baby, with a dolphin snout in the middle of my face. I mean, would I be nuzzling  the baby with my nose? Would I be making dolphin clicking noises as I did so? The mind boggles.

What have your kids said that’s made you laugh recently? I’d love to hear!


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9 thoughts on “magical zebras – things they say #5

  1. Louise

    I love “awollawong” – what an adorable way to say “another one” and that image of your toddler stepping into the magic duel, pencil outstretched and declaring “I got it – a zebra!” is wonderful. I agree with your 6 year old, I quite like spare diamonds lying around too, but it never seems to happen for me. “A dolphin mouth” for “endorphin rush” brings some brilliant images to mind too. Thank you for sharing your funny moments with me for #ftmob :-)

  2. Silly Mummy

    These are brilliant. I love the awollawong (sounds like something Matilda would waltz around) and a zebra! I agree that having a dolphin mouth is a great image. #ftmob

  3. Melody

    Hahaha the dolphin mouth- that sounds familiar. LOL “Awollawong” sounds like a word I heard I heard in China. I love it. xx

  4. Mummy Tries

    Brilliant Maddy! Your little one sounds like the most adorable little cherub. I cannot wait for Freddy to start speaking properly, he has a fair few words now, but most of them are indecipherable to other people than his parents! I’d love some spare diamonds too, and the dolphin mouth is just tooooooo funny. Thanks for sharing with #DiffLinky xxx

    1. Maddy Post author

      Oh he’s completely adorable… except when he get’s his toddler on and has an inexplicable tantrum about cheese or rain or whatever! If I find any spare diamonds I’ll be sure to send some your way Reneé. xx


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