It started back in December 2013: I’d written a few serious blog posts and fancied writing a more fun one so I thought I’d have a go at writing some limericks.

I decided to write one about my four-year-old son’s imaginary friend Grasshopper. At the time Grasshopper was a larger-than-life character in our house so seemed an appropriate subject for something silly! My six-year-old son then asked if I could I write a limerick for him… about a lion. He even suggested a rhyme.

So I wrote a few limericks and the feedback I got sparked me to write a few more. My boys were really keen for me to write them and kept on suggesting themes. They then started to draw pictures to go with the limericks I wrote. I wonder if we could do this every week? I thought. And so the #limerickchallenge was born.

It really has been a challenge! Limericks may be simple – they’re just poems with five lines of which lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme with each other and lines 3 and 4 form a rhyming couplet – but they are not necessarily easy to write. Sometimes even finding rhymes has been a struggle, let alone rhymes that work together so that the limerick tells some sort of story.

For the first three months I managed to write one every single week! It began to be a struggle to keep up the pace though which started to take the fun out of it, so now we just do it on an ad hoc basis. The idea is still the same though – my sons suggest a theme, I write a limerick and they illustrate it. 

I will admit, some of the rhymes I have used are terrible and a lot of the limericks are very childish… but I’m writing for small boys so I can’t write anything too highbrow. It’s been a fun challenge though and one that I plan to continue for as long as this blog exists… even beyond.

Before I go, here’s that lion limerick:

There once was a wrinkly lion

Who felt that he needed an iron

But the iron was hot

And roasted his bot

So he ended up smoother, but cryin’

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