limerick challenge #8


A cheetah

For this week’s limerick challenge my sons asked me to write about a cheetah. This was distinctly easier than last week because there are far more rhymes for ‘cheetah’ than for ‘elephant‘! Even so – given I’d promised myself I’d avoid writing about bottoms, farts and snot this week – it wasn’t entirely straightforward.

We went through a few versions but the boys were pleased with this one:


A terribly thirsty young cheetah

Drank raspberry juice by the litre

Because she drank SO much

She smelt of fresh doughnuts

And all those nearby tried to eat her.


My four-year-old drew the picture at the top (I don’t know why the cheetah has stripy ears but I like them!) and my six-year-old drew the one below.

A cheetah drinking raspberry juice and smelling delicious

A cheetah drinking juice and smelling delicious

I really fancy a doughnut now…

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