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We’re on to week six of of our #limerick challenge here in the bubble house! And the reason I say ‘our’ challenge instead of ‘my’ challenge is because it really does feel like a thing we do as a family. The original idea was that the boys would give me a theme and I would write a limerick about it, but with every passing week they are getting more keen to illustrate the limerick and their pictures are getting more detailed. My husband also likes to join in and it does help me to have someone to bounce ideas off (despite the macabre suggestions he tends to make!)

This week the boys wanted me to write about a chicken. They then wanted me to find images of chickens on the internet so that they could make their drawings as ‘accurate’ as possible (as you can see by my four-year-old’s drawing above. Ahem.) They decided between them who was going to do the ‘before’ picture (i.e the one that depicts the animal but doesn’t show you what is going to happen to it) and the ‘after’ picture (which illustrates the events of the limerick). My six-year-old was thrilled to be able to do the latter. If you know small boys then you’ll see why when you read it!

I must warn you, this week’s creation is rather revolting. My sons fell about laughing: it’s very childish!


There was an artistic young chicken

Who was awesome at cuttin’ and stickin’

When her glue was all gone

She still carried on

Using snot, ‘cos her nose needed pickin’


Chicken picking her nose and using the snot to glue a collage of a lion...

Chicken picking her nose and using the snot to glue a collage of a lion…

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  1. Maddy Post author

    Thanks for commenting, everyone! Glad you like the limerick and the drawings. Have just added a new one about an elephant.


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