limerick challenge #5

An unsuspecting dinosaur

An unsuspecting dinosaur

For this week’s #limerick challenge the boys requested a limerick about a dinosaur. I was struggling with something cumbersome involving a pedantic dinosaur that noticed every ‘minor flaw’ when my husband suggested a meteor. It’s a less exact rhyme but it lead to a more fun (if slightly grisly) limerick:


There once was an ill-fated dinosaur

Who was struck in the face by a meteor

It plunged in through his eye

Travelled out through his thigh

And splattered his innards across the floor.


As usual the boys illustrated it for me. My six-year-old drew an pre-meteor T-rex then another picture indicating the meteor’s point of entry and exit, complete with blood splatters. My four-year-old drew the third picture of the bloody remains. Sorry if that just put you off your breakfast!


Dinosaur mid-meteor strike with flying blood and bone!

Dinosaur mid-meteor strike with flying blood and bone!


Post-meteor dino-splat!


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5 thoughts on “limerick challenge #5

  1. Louisa

    Brilliant. I love the limerick and the pictures are just amazing! My boys love nothing more than drawing a picture with a bit of blood and guts in it!
    Linking in from #minicreations

  2. KidGLloves

    Grace says – What an awesome idea. A joint mini creation which I have really enjoyed reading. Awesome artwork by the boys.
    Lucas says – AWESOME poem – really gory. I’ve made Daddy read to me over and over again whilst I acted it out! Cool drawings too………

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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