limerick challenge #3

An ostrich in his natural habitat (ish)

An ostrich in its natural habitat (I think)

My weekly limerick challenge seems to have grown an extra feature – my sons keep drawing pictures to go with whatever I write a limerick about! This week they chose ‘ostrich’ as a theme. There was much laughter at the final line (small boys are so easy to please!) although I did have to explain the old fashioned meaning of the word ‘drawers’ to them.

Here’s what I came up with:


There once was a dextrous young ostrich

who was very proficient at cross-stitch

needle clamped ‘tween her claws

she embroidered some drawers

but sadly the things made her bot itch.


This challenge is proving to be quite fun but also quite a brain strain!


if you look very carefully you can see his frilly knickers!

If you look very carefully you can see her frilly knickers… round her legs…

Mini Creations

6 thoughts on “limerick challenge #3

  1. KidGLloves

    Grace says – That has got to be the most unusual, most AWESOME Ostrich I have ever seen. Great idea to get the kids involved in what you’re writing. My Mummy would love this – I’m just about to go off and show her this x


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