limerick challenge #23

It’s been a while since my last limerick challenge… nearly two months (I just checked)! The boys have been requesting I write another one for weeks but my brain has been far too taken up with editing my picture books. My manuscripts are out of my hands for the moment though, so I’m free for a bit of silly poetry.

This time my boys asked me to write a limerick about a ‘bird’ but I took the liberty of making it a swift because I’d already noticed that this week’s prompt was ‘gift’ and a rhyme leapt to mind! The illustration is courtesy of my seven-year old.

One day I encountered a swift

Who made me decidedly miffed

When from up in the sky

He aimed at my eye

And sent me a splattery gift!


Swift Gift

Prose for Thought


Nikki Young Writes

18 thoughts on “limerick challenge #23

  1. Maria

    I always love your limerick. Your words always put a smile on my face when needed (hopefully, this was not from personal experience), and your son’s drawing makes it even more enjoyable! Thank you for sharing!


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